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Bought hundreds of human body ergonomic chairs, just tell you how to pick

Bought hundreds of human body ergonomic chairs, just tell you how to pick


   When you are young, I have a 30-year-old Quener, I feel that my waist is not good, this pot chair has half! As a modern person, a healthy word, 7 discharge, 3 out of the chair. Who is not getting away from the bed, is it in the chair? The chair instinct is not completed, 3 years of lumbar disease, shoulder neckness is coming to the door!

According to the doctor's words, the human bones are so life, and they should save some use, don't be there. Since the chair is the second bed of the person, it is necessary to protect the bones, and must have a good chair.

Relative to the seat chair who only satisfies the seat, the body's engineering chair is almost in the comfort of the crushing trend in comfort. But not every chair called the body's engineering chair to match this title, to choose a native ergonomic chairs that is suitable for you to start in three directions.

Sitting position

The original intention of the ergonomic chair is for the product of healthy office and comfort, its existence is to serve the right sitting.

Is the office environment in the Office of International Human Engineering (IEA)

From the figure above, we can see that IEA suggests that there are three structures in the choice of ergonomic chairs.

1, armrest selection chair back

The forearm and the arm are 90 ° relationships, the elbows require a support point, suspended office shoulder inflammation is estimated to find the door. However, according to the minimalistic observation, the support point of the office environment is basically handed over to the work desk according to the standard office.

Is that we don't need the structure of the armrest? Wrong, you know, such a standard office posture, you are insisting over 1 hour, not to mention the code farm to talk about more than 10 hours.

The real situation is that we all like to lay a little office. The US Occupational Safety and the Health Authority give the chair back to adjust 30 ° to maintain comfort. Once change the standard sitting posture, the table this elbow support point does not exist, and the armrest fixed to the cushion has lost its value.

The handrail is connected to the back or cushion, whether it can be adjusted, it is the easiest way to postgraduate human engineering chairs. Only the link is on the back of the chair or can be adjusted, and when the armrest can maintain a 90 ° angle with the back of the body, so that the arm is comfortable.

2, seat picking front waterfall

From the example diagram of IEA, we can see that the standard sitting position n requires a 75 ° angle arc to avoid pressure on the root of the thigh, which causes pain and even numbness in the feet. .

Therefore, another assessment point for ergonomic chairs is whether there is a waterfall-shaped arc degree in front of the cushion to meet the thighs in a natural relaxation state. Here you need the root of the thigh and the height of the seat at a palm of the seat.

Only such compression conduction is concentrated on the hips to reduce the situation of legs and pain in the office; extends another problem, that is, the cushion requires powerful support, in order to meet the butt is not squeezed, So the mesh cushion is to pass, and the cushion needs to purchase the solid thickness of 5 cm to 10 cm.

news-Hookay Chair-Bought hundreds of human body ergonomic chairs, just tell you how to pick-img

3, chair back Selection S shape

From the eXVIC from IEA, we can see that at least one chair is needed to carry back the waist. The normal human spine has three physiologically curved, they do not show up a straight line, neck, lumbar vertebrae, positive convex, thoracic backwards; therefore if you want to meet comfortability in standard sites, there must be at least 3 support points. . (There are many no heads)

The above picture is a standard sitting posture, from the side we can see the entire spine like a reverse S shape, the corresponding S-shape is required to support the support of 3 points.

Because there is a large number of nerves in the vertebrae and the protective tissue is still very thin, it is easy to stand out, and it has been highlighted. The intervertebral disc will slip, causing urinary incontinence. The convex ranks in the waist tray is to protect the weak area with external force. So selecting the tip of the chair without this tutor, directly to pass.

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Even if you select a chair that is in all aspects, it is not necessarily to put a good chair because of tall, fat and thin people, it is impossible to meet everyone, it is impossible. Therefore, a good chair should have at least 6 free adjustment.

Remove the 360 ° rotation of the 5th point, swing before and after 2 o'clock in the back of the back and 6 points, affect the most important choice of the body is 3 points of seat cushion depth adjustment and 1-point chair back waist neckstick up and down move .

1. Select 4,1 points adjustable engineering chair according to height

The height adjustment is unquestionable, and each body's engineering chair has such an ability. As shown in the figure, the conventional height of the chair cushion is set between 40 cm-50cm, and the upper point of the back is between 110 cm-180 cm.

Although most of the needs, it is necessary to make the legs of the legs even if the legs are not allowed to make the legs in the first paragraph of the first paragraph, even if the chair is adjusted to the minimum cushion 40cm. The pressure of the helper thighs with pedals is transferred to the center of the sciatic.

Second, the 2nd point of neck, chest, lumbar vertebrae is also necessary to select a chair with a rising or down-regulation of functionality to meet the support of the physiological curve. So at this high, at least 4 points are required to be adjusted at least when you buy a chair.

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2, according to fat thin choice 2, 3 points adjustable engineering chair

The seat is between 50-60 cm in depth, the width is around 40cm, such a design will bring discomfort to the big hips; the flesh of the buttock is on the back, so that the waist is not supported; There will be an embarrassment of the whole hip.

The important thing to choose from this place is at least the cushion is to stretch adjustment to meet the depth of the depth; unfortunately, which brand has this function before the adjustment of the cushion width, can not meet the package, so when choosing Staring at the widest choice.

Secondly, it is necessary to choose the adjustment function that can be tilted or later. It is necessary to meet the thin child. After all, the butt is thin even if the whole cushion will have the lumbar spine. At this time, you may wish to buy a pillow. Wonderful! After the rear, it is to satisfy the fat man of the waist hip, make up for the sin of the cushion is not deep.

A powerful body engineering chair, can now do the adjustment of the narrow curve according to fat and thin, so that you can sit in the width of your own body, find the girlfriend.

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