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Nice pictures shared by our Russia agent!

Nice pictures shared by our Russia agent!


Today our Russia agent shared us some great pictures. We are greatly impressed by those beautiful photos decorated with our Hookay ergonomic chairs. One is a winter garden villa, with our most popular Fly ergonomic chair in the villa. The villa is decorated with white color with many green plant,it is winter but looks like spring and cozy. Our high-end fly executive chair with its outstanding and special design is in gray color which match the environment very well. The whole room looks great and you can not find any better chair which could match this winter garden. Thank you very much for sharing such nice pictures,this is a good testimonial.


Hookay started business relationship with our Russian client in 2013,now we have established very good business relationship , we are good and close business partner after 8 years business relationship,Hookay chairs are becoming more and more popular in Russia market. Thank you very much for our Russia agent’s efforts , we hope that your business will become more prosperous in future.

Russia client with Hookay team

news-Hookay Chair-Nice pictures shared by our Russia agent-img

Winter Garden Villa pictures shared by our Russia client

news-Nice pictures shared by our Russia agent-Hookay Chair-img


news-Hookay Chair-img

news-Hookay Chair-Nice pictures shared by our Russia agent-img-1

news-Nice pictures shared by our Russia agent-Hookay Chair-img-1

Finally, let explain why our Fly executive ergonomic chair is the most popular chair, it is not surprising to know that this chair is the number one chair in China Tmall (the biggest on line platform in China) with each month 2000pcs sold. Also it is the best selling chair in Russia,Middle East, USA, Germany,etc.


1. Design Concept.

Fly chair’s looking is unique comparing to other chairs. The upper backrest looks like angel’s two swings, the whole back rest is built with two swings and one low back lumbar support. This looking could stand out and different with other chairs. The back connector of the chair is built with full aluminum and the shape of the connector similar as the classic famous Eiffel Tower. Looks great and strong.


2. Ergonomic Design


This difference of Fly chair with other chairs is the back support. Normally the back of the chair is with one piece built and some are with two piece built. But our fly chair is with three piece built and we call it 3D support.  Let explain How the three piece support your back in detail.


For the upper two pieces, when user lay on that, the back can be supported from left and right, when you constantly waive left and right of your back, it can adjust the angle constantly and give support accurately and comfortably. Furthermore, the low back lumbar support can support the low back well. In total, the 3D back supporting system can give more support than other one piece back or two piece back. When you feel tired, you can tilt the back and lay on the chair, no matter you lay left side or wight side, you can get a best support and relieve.


3. Quality.


Most of the material for our fly chair is aluminum, there are aluminum back connector, aluminum mechanism, aluminum legs. Our aluminum is with high quality and polished and processed 30000 times by hands.  Just weigh the aluminum connector , the weight is 17 KGS heavy. With such high quality material, this Fly chairs give you a strong ,luxury durable impression when you first see it.


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