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Congratulations! Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with monthly 5000pcs sold!

Congratulations! Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with monthly 5000pcs sold!


Good news ! Hookay Fly ergonomic chair is ranked to be No 1 in the tmall platform among high end ergonomic chair category, with monthly sales strike 5000pcs. This achievement has been kept in the platform for a few months, and the trend  keep in increasing! There are numerous good comments for this chair, undoubtedly Fly ergonomic chair is becoming more and more popular in China domestic market.  Congratulations!

 news-Congratulations Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with montly 5000pcs sold


Tmall is an affiliate of Alibaba Group, and is China's largest third-party platform for brands and retailers.

Launched in April 2008, Tmall.com (www.tmall.com) is dedicated to providing a premium shopping experience for increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers in search of top-quality branded merchandise. A large number of international and Chinese brands and retailers have established storefronts on Tmall.com. According to iResearch, Tmall.com was China's largest third-party platform for brands and retailers in terms of monthly active users in 2015.

Tmall already has more than 400 million buyers, more than 50,000 merchants, and over 70,000 brands.


Fly chair is marketing in Tmall under the brand Ergomax, and the name for this chair is called Evolution.  


Why this chair is the Champion in Tmall among the high end ergonomic chair group since there are thousands of chairs options in Tmall? Why it is so popular? Why this ergonomic chair is a hot and popular chair in many ergonomic chair reviews? In this article, we will have a comprehensive review of this chair from different angle , after reading this article, you may have a full understanding of this best seller.

news-Hookay Chair-Congratulations Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with montly


Here we go.




1. Design Story


Design background


Fly chair was launched in 2011 when there were only a few manufacturers in China who made mesh ergonomic chairs, and most of the office chairs at that time were traditional office chairs,and people were not so enthusiasm about ergonomic design. The separated lumbar and back concept was not the mainstream in 2011, Hookay are one of the pioneers in separated lumbar and back design.Nowadays, you may be not surprised to find out many similar separated lumbar and back ones , but they are all the latecomers.






Design inspiration


Fly designer draws inspiration from Angel, the back of the chair design look like angel's two swings, deliver all direction comfort and powerful care to the back. The aluminium back supporting parts inspiration comes from the famous Paris Aiffel Tower. When our Designer Mr Chen visited the Classic Tower, he was enormously impressed by this world famous masterpiece. When he designed the Fly chair, the Aiffel Tower was always in his mind and finally he succeeded in applying this concept in the Fly chair back supporting part, which is a symbol of strength and classic design.






The designer of Fly chair is Mr Chen, he is also founder of Hookay office furniture.His career began in the ergonomic chairs design industry at a very young age. He is engaging in ergonomic researching,designing manufacturing for more than 20 years. He would like to design a chair which is special in looking but comfortable in designing, especially he would like to design a ergonomic chair with best lumbar support, finally after many times refining and moulding, the Fly chair is finalized.


2. What make Fly chair set apart from other ergonomic mesh chairs?

All the claimed ergonomic chairs are ergonomic designed more or less, but the ergonomic degree and comfort are varying from chair to chair.In this article, we are just focus on talking about the difference performance of Fly chair, why it stands out as a special chair.



Looking and Styling



Fly chairs looking and styling is different with other one piece backrest chair you saw in the market. The backrest of the chair is combined with three pieces, left wing part , right wing part and the separated lumbar supporting part. The three parts formed a famous golden ratio which looks classic and can definitely stand the test of time. It just like wings which is ready to fly, when you seat on the chair, the two wings are protecting and wrap you up, ready to give you all round care and love, you are always feeling a sense of security and care when seating on this chair.


The aluminum back support frame of the chair release a sense of solid and strong feeling, just as many editors reviewing of fly chair in their articles, if you would like to give some keywords to describe fly chair from the looking and styling, unique,strong,solid,high level, such keywords would be the frequently used words.





Aluminium is an extremely versatile metal with a number of advantages, it is recognized for being both lightweight, flexible and high quality, it is called the green metal as for its corrosion resistance and recyclability, it is becoming more and more popular in application of industry products.  As for our Fly chair, aluminum is the main material used. The Aiffel Tower shape back frame, the mechanism, the five-star base, the 4D armrests all made of refined aluminum. The percentage of aluminum used in the chair is much higher than other ergonomic office chair. 60% of the material is made of aluminum. Moreover, the surface finishing of aluminum is polished by hands with more than 5000 times.


You will never find the same price chair which you could get so much high quality refined aluminum material as Fly chair do.


Ergonomic function


Fly chair features all the basic ergonomic functions, however, in todays article, we are just talking about the unique feature, therefore the basic ergonomic functions would be not specified here, we are going to specify the 3D backrest ergonomic function and how it performs differently with other chairs with these 3D back.


First, let have a look at the below pictures for the 3D back.


news-Hookay Chair-img

news-Congratulations Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with montly 5000pcs sold-1

news-Hookay Chair-Congratulations Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with montly-1

 news-Hookay Chair-Congratulations Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with monthl-1



From the picture ,you can see the human being’s back has triangle shape,left back, right back and low back,when you seat and lean back on the chair, the fly chair three pieces are exactly echoing the human being’s back, get correct supporting from three area. The three pieces are equipped and connected with springs system, with which when you lean back on the chair you can always get correct feedback from the chair, it is automatically getting different elastic and comfort based on how much strength received from the user. This is exactly customization ergonomic comfort which is varying from people to people, different size, different shape user may experience different comfort. Some editors have made some reviews about the fly chair, they have asked different height,(185mm,175mm, 165mm) different shape and weight, male and female to test this chair, the comfort and sense of experience are slightly different based on their description. For this Fly chair, the bigger weight and taller person would like this chair better than slim ones.



The Dynamic Separated Lumbar Support is Fly's greatest ergonomic feat of all & one that needs no adjusting. Th Support intuitively adjusts itself to your body every time you move. Responding to your weight, height, position, and the amount of pressure you place on it, the lumbar Support pivots with you, keeping you comfortable and supported even as you change positions throughout the day.






The Self- developed sychro-tilt mechanism features a new innovative double spring wire control system and it got national patent in 2010.

Made with polished aluminum frame,the detailing of the aluminum is abrasion resistant and rust-proff at the surface,and it is constantly delivering a concept of high quality and strength.


The mechanism is sychro-tilt,and the biggest reclined angle you can get is 130 degree, and the seat-pad is sychro-tilting with the backrest, which make the body feel comfortable without pressure ,and it is more ergonomic designed.


 news-Congratulations Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with montly 5000pcs sold-2





As an importer,wholesaler, or distributor for ergonomic chairs,when there are thousands of choices from different manufacturers,sometimes you would have difficulty in choosing which chair to market in your country to make good profit, you can read this article to have a more understanding, hope it is useful for you.


 news-Hookay Chair-Congratulations Fly chair is the top- seller ergonomic chair in tmall with montly-2



















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