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Hookay integrate traditional Chinese dragon element to Fly executive chair as customized Christmas gift for VIP clients!

Hookay integrate traditional Chinese dragon element to Fly executive chair as customized Christmas gift for VIP clients!


As the Christmas is approaching , Hookay this year has made a special customized gift for our VIP clients to express our appreciation for their supporting and cooperation throughout these year.

 It is our flagship product Fly executive chair, which is also hookay’s best seller ergonomic office chair. However, the gift is not our standard edition. It has been customized in design and color  setting and it is a limited edition only for VIP clients.



Here is the picture for the limited edition Fly ergonomic mesh chair. Let’s have a glimpse of it.



1. Looking and styling


The Fly ergonomic chair , as Hookay’s flagship chair, features with the most characteristic design with patented 3D backrest. The customized gifts are added with two vivid Chinese flying dragon on the two wings which form the biggest breakthrough comparing with the standard edition.

All the aluminum parts including the mechanism, the back supporting frame, the seat and back connector, the five-star base are made in gold aluminium color. The full mesh is made of America imported famous brand Matrix which is the world number one brand .The color combination for the chair is classic , it is a combination of gold, pure white,and black which looks beautiful , grand  and splendid. The traditional Chinese culture is perfect injected into the design of the Fly chair, undoubtedly it is a good successful redesign.

 news-Hookay Chair-img


2. The design story behind it


As the gifts are customized for Hookay’s esteemed VIP clients, who may feel confused and curious why we make this dragon edition as a gift? What is the story behind it? Today we bring some insight story to you about our founder and general manager Mr Gu.


Mr Gu is Hookay’s founder and general manager, at the first half years of his life, he was striving for life with hardships which did not wear away his dream. He started Hookay company with his partner in his 60s and keep on struggling for success until today. He Overcome various difficulties and obstacles with the spirit of craftsmanship and with honesty as foundation. He loves traditional Chinese culture, especially dragon culture. In his mind, dragon is an totem which not only bring luckiness to people,but it is a spirit of working hard and never giving up which is the same as his career. 

In 2019, it is the year of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, Mr Gu have donated a big copper dragon with length more than 8M to his hometown in hope of best wishes for the goodness of his hometown and to express his patriotism to the motherland , during the donating ceremony, the blue sky suddenly changed to rosy beautiful color with red clouds all over the sky, in Chinese culture, such scene is a symbol of auspiciousness.

Now Hookay company reaches a new milestone of development and progress, he would like to integrate traditional Chinese dragon element to our flagship Fly chair as Christmas gift to express his appreciation to our esteemed VIP client, thanks to their supporting and be always together with Hookay in the same boat through up and down.

news-Hookay Chair-img


 news-Hookay integrate traditional Chinese dragon element to Fly executive chair as customized Christ




3. How are you feeling seating on this dragon chair?


1) Security and care


When seating on the standard fly chair, The backrest of the chair is combined with three pieces, left wing part , right wing part and the separated lumbar supporting part. It just like wings which is ready to fly, when you seat on the chair, the two wings are protecting and wrap you up, ready to give you all round care and love, you are always feeling a sense of security and care when seating on this chair. As the dragon edition put dragon on the left wing and right wing , except for the feeling of security and care, you will have a totally different sense of feeling.


2) You are your own king


As you may know, Dragon is our China's totem which is a symbol of power, nobility and honor in Chinese traditional culture, In ancient times, dragons represented auspiciousness, justice, prosperity and strength. In ancient times, Only the king can use dragon,now with our fly chair designed with dragon, possibly you will feel you are your own king.


3) Bringing you good luck


Dragon is a well-known mascot in China. For thousands of years, the sons and daughters of China have placed countless good wishes on it, it is a symbol of luck and success. When seat on the chair, the dragons are always bringing you good luck.


 news-Hookay Chair-Hookay integrate traditional Chinese dragon element to Fly executive chair as cust

Finally, message from general manager Mr Gu.


Mr Gu(founder and general manager of Hoookay), here below is message from him to our VIP clients.


“Wish all hookay’s clients a prosperous new year, thank you for all your supporting and cooperation. Hookay will keep on manufacturing high quality ergonomic chairs for our clients and the dragon fly gift represent our precious friendship, and will bring you good luck to you always.”


 news-Hookay Chair-img-1













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