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Hookay was established in 1986, and we are a professional manufacturer of ergonomic chairs, mesh chairs, big and tall executive chairs, office chair parts, R&D, manufacturing, and sales. 

Ergonomics isn’t just about posture. Proper ergonomics can improve productivity, physical health, and a return on investment. And working from home doesn’t make those benefits any less critical. Outfitting your work home office with ergonomic products from Hookay can be good for your health and business. Good posture can improve productivity and well-being. If you ignore your posture, you can have lasting health consequences. Employing ergonomic solutions can eliminate pain or reduce existing discomfort. Ergonomic health can encourage healthy habits and bolster productivity.

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A good ergonomic chair can be one of the most important tools in your work environment. Consider this: Lack of proper support while seated adds stress to your body reducing your effectiveness and productivityOver time this can lead to muscular and circulatory problems and even spinal injuries. Given the amount of time you'resitting throughout the day, an investment in an adjustable, ergonomic chair can achieve quick paybacks in your personacomfort and productivity.

But what makes a chair ergonomic?

Finding the perfect chair can be a challenge but choosing one with the right adjustments features allow the chair to beadiusted to fit your unigue body shape and size "iust right". he chalr should support your body in a neutral positiorand support your natural back curves. Check out our Sail ergonimic chair!

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