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The hookay Office Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 in the city of Nansha, Guangzhou. With global sales and service, Hookay Office Furniture is dedicated to research, development, design and manufacturing of high end ergonomic chairs ,ergonomic desk chair,ergonomic office chairs ,office chairs,chair ergonmic, mesh chars ,executive office chair,ergonomic chair for office to global customers.


Hookay office furniture seeks to create a unique experience for the modern office by focusing on fashionable and scientific designs that consider health and environmental impact. Hookay office furniture skillfully integrates seating mechanics&ergonomics in an effort to achieve spinal decompression.


The company uses a “Fit concept” in every design with the goal of creating an environmental friendly product that allows the end users to be healthy &comfortable.


Every mechanism for each chair is inspected by our skilled workers to make sure all the function is 100% meeting standard.


Armed with experience and a vision to meet your needs,our team has extensive knowledge and experience to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your business



The company uses a “Fit concept” in every design with the goal of creating an environmental friendly product that allows the end users to be healthy &comfortable.

To manufacture top quality ergonomic office chairs to exceed our customer’s expectation and make your business more simple, reliable & sustainable.

We believe that the future trends of ergonomic chairs are becoming more and more simple and healthy. At hookay, we are working towords it. Developing and manufacturing ergonomic chairs with simple design ,healthy, active, productive, that is the goal we are striving for. We would like to be your number one trusted partner in top quality healthy ergonomic office seatings.

We offer 5 years after sales quality warranty,all Hookay manufactured products have a tracking code number, we will provide our premium after-sales services base on the tracking number .system.


10+ years top quality ergonomic chairs manufacturing and engineering experience.


Self-owned complete set of product testing facilities required by BIFMA X5.1 standard.


Self-owned injection molding plant and plastic factory.


Hookay maintain a rigorous quality management system , our aim is to supply best enduring products, solutions that are best in class to exceed our client’s expectation.


Strong design ability, economical engineering excellence, all our chairs have obtained multinational patent , certification.


We are dedicated to incorporating quality hand-draftsmanship with modern technology to creat contemporary ergonomic seating.


Hookay has been cooperating with customers from all over the world,here part of some trusted customers.


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