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6 tips to choose ergonomic chair for those with back pain

6 tips to choose ergonomic chair for those with back pain


Nowadays, most people have low back muscle strain or back painIn modern times, people are always busy with life and work, some are seating at the computer desk for more than 10 hours a day for working. The neck is stiff and the legs are numb, the most serious is the back pain problem, sometimes even have a problem to stand up, which become an annoying and common problem.

If you have continuous symptoms of  soreness or distension on the back, even pain for the low back which bothers you time and time again, and you go to see the doctor many times, the doctor would suggest you as below:

Don't sit for too long,  work and rest, and do more exercise.


In this article, we will not talk from the point of doing appropriate exercise, as this is another different research and analysis. As an ergonomic manufacturer for 10 years, we are engaging in R&D ergonomic chairs, we have first-hand information on this.

I am going to talk about the topic of choosing the right ergonomic chair best for your low back.   There are 6 tips to choose the right ergonomic chair for low back pain.

If you are a consumer, you are going to invest in an ergonomic chair in improving your back pain, you can follow right away those tips. Keep those tips in mind, and try the chairs by yourself, I am confident your back pain will be improved;

If you are an ergonomic chair wholesaler or distributor or dealer, you are going to select a good chair to add to your product range, you can also get some useful information from this article.


1. Sufficient support for your lower back.

Make sure that the lower back has sufficient support, if your low back is hanging in the air or have gap, or slouch forward while working at a desk places, excessive pressure on the discs in your lower back can cause problems, such as disc degeneration to occur or further deteriorate. Support the natural curve in your lower spine by an ergonomic chair that helps you align and support your low back and thighs correctly. When you test the chair, pay special attention to the lower back support to check if it supports enough or not.

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2. The upper back is fit to the chair

When the lower back gets enough support, the upper back should be closely fit to the chair, lower back and upper back can support synchronously. If the lower back gets sufficient support, but the upper back can not, then it is not the perfect choice. This two support is indispensable which formed the comprehensive back supporting system. Therefore, the backrest of the chair design is the most important part of the design, all the ergonomic desk chair brands put great efforts into researching the back supporting system.

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The mainstream style for the ergonomic chair is two types.

One type is the single-piece backrest, the backrest is designed as one whole piece;

The other type is the two-piece backrest, the lower back lumbar support is a separated piece.

It is hard to say which type has better support, each one has its own advantage and feat. Just remember to test which one is suitable for Yourself.


3. Seat design can not be ignored

When selecting the ergonomic chair, the seat design can not be ignored, you have to put this into consideration. When the ergonomic chair manufacturer designs the chair, in order to meet the needs of most people, the size of the seat is decided by the big butt. In order to get the most comfortable feeling, you have to make sure when you sit on the chair with lumbar supported correctly, you have plenty of room to turn around and move around by wiggling your hips or stretching your legs. If not, it will affect the back supporting, especially after long hours sitting on the chair.

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4. Dynamic back support

The dynamic back support will allow multiple movements, normally when working, you may move constantly, left and right, lean forward or tilting backward, then make sure your selected ergonomic office chair has enough and correct back support always. So test your chair under different positions, if it is a dynamic design, the chair's lumbar support will intuitively adjust itself to your body every time you move. Responding to your weight, height, position, and the amount of pressure you place on it, the DVL Support pivots with you, keeping you comfortable and supported even as you change positions throughout the day.


5. Breathable material

The backrest of the chair with a breathable and elastic material is inseparable for a good ergonomic office chair for back pain. This is a factor which may affect the comfort experience of the seater. A chair with a backrest that is not breathable can be a nightmare to use in the warm seasons. With the sweltering heat of summer, you can develop a blistering sweat on your back. That could be hurtful in the long run as it can cause blisters on your skin. Even if it does not, the time you spend on that chair will be quite uncomfortable. Mesh fabric, Vinyl,leather are all good choice.


6. Adjust-ability

Make sure the ergonomic chair is with a lot of adjustable options. It is very important to sit on the chair and look at adjusting everything. Adjustability should include seat height, seat depth, back tilting, adjustable armrest, adjustable headrest, and so on.

Pay close attention to your knees—they should have a 90-degree bend with your feet flat on the floor in front of you or on a footrest. Also, the crease of your knees shouldn’t rest against the seat pan. If you go with a seat pan that adjusts and tilts, make sure you can lock it so it doesn’t move around once you get it adjusted properly.


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As the causes of the back pain may be totally different, sometimes even the best office chair for back pain can not solve the problem completely, if you pain bother you too much, it is better to see the physician.


It is extremely important that you take care of yourself, listen to your body, and keep a good seating position and habit and buy a suitable chair for yourself. 

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