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Do expensive ergonomic chairs really worth the investment?

Do expensive ergonomic chairs really worth the investment?


It is a question many people are asking, do I need to buy an expensive ergonomic chair for my home or office? Is ergonomic chair really as good as the advertisement claimed?

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Especially during the covid-19 ravaging times, more people spend more time sitting than they do sleeping, they are eager to know if the chairs ergonomic claimed really work and really worth the investment? Hope this article could give you some useful information about this.


First, you need to understand that ergonomic chair is not everything for the solution


Before you get the clear answer, you need to know that ergonomic chair can not give you a good waist, If your lumbar has severe problem, it is strongly recommended for you to see a doctor. Even the most expensive ergonomic chairs can not solve your waist problem completely, you may need a surgery or other solution.


If you do not have a good posture and sitting habit, if you are always sitting for too long hours, ergonomic chairs is not everything. 

Sitting for a long time is always a violation of the structure of the human body, injuring the lumbar vertebrae, oppressing muscles, and reducing blood circulation-the essence of a good body lies in good habits.


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A well-designed ergonomic chair is to help you maintain the correct posture for a long time, as long as it can play this role, it is worth to buy.

It happens the same with your head and neck. You have to keep your eye line in parallel with the floor most of the time.

But you need to recline and stretch, too, in order to relax your muscles, and a good chair allows you to it in an easy way.




Second, Do ergonomic chair help and worth the investment?


The short answer is YES! An good ergonomic chair is an office chair designed to provide the required support to the human body while sitting for long hours. While there are less expensive chairs with the same functionality, ergonomic chairs have certain features that will enhance your team’s performance and comfort. 

Traditional chairs can put undue strain on your spine and over time, it can lead to bad posture which can eventually lead to back injuries. This makes them a worthwhile investment.


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1. More Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of buying a brand-new, ergonomic office chair, is the increased levels of comfort they bring. With modern office chairs comes the many options for customisation that they are equipped with; you can easily adjust your new chair to get the right seat depth, position of the arm and headrests, the lumbar support of the chair and more. Since you spend hours every day sitting on your work chair, how can you expect to stay comfortable if your body is not in a proper position? A new, ergonomic office chair provides great options and value for money in this regard.



2. Increased Productivity

Since your new office chair will be much more comfortable, a benefit that leads on from this is that you might find yourself being more productive when working from the new chair. This is because, by being more comfortable and also having a better overall posture while working, you will be less distracted by the chair itself and adjusting it; you’ll be able to focus on what you’re actually doing much more easily.


3.Health Benefits of Work-Friendly Chairs

Regardless of whether you’re buying a chair with a $1000+ price tag or looking for a model on a budget, looking for chairs specifically designed to support parts of your body — specifically your spine — that get stressed while working. An unhappy spine potentially leads to many issues with other body parts.

Look for a chair that:

Supports your posture with adjustable height. Your knees should be angled 90° to the floor and parallel to your hips.

Allows you to adjust whatever you need to fit your individual needs so you’re completely comfortable.

Has a headrest to support your head, which will reduce the risk of neck problems.

Offers a good seat depth to reduce pressure on your hips and support your bottom. Ideally, that depth should measure between 2 and 4 inches from the back of your knees.

Swivels and allows you complete mobility so you don’t have to stretch, extend, or strain yourself to reach different parts of your workspace.

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Investing in a brand-new expensive chair will come with a selection of benefits that you will struggle to find in cheaper options. One of the biggest benefits will be the comfort they provide, the more expensive options come with several customisation settings meaning you will be a lot more comfortable.

Another benefit that you will find in higher priced office chairs are they are designed with posture in mind. Certain office chairs can be a much better option for your health. They can provide you with proper support to your spine, alleviate shoulder and neck pains, and help with circulation.

So, in conclusion, an office chair that comes with all the extras that support good health and comfort are a great option but this doesn’t always mean it will be the most expensive option. 

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