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Why use mesh fabric to make ergonomic Office Chair?

Why use mesh fabric to make ergonomic Office Chair?


In modern working environment, office chairs have different material for choices,people may feel confused sometimes with a variety of choices.However, mesh material is an relatively new material applicated in the industry,mesh fabrics are materials comprised of evenly spaced openings that create a breathable effect in the textile. Mesh fabrics offer a versatile solution for a broad variety of industrial, commercial, and recreational applications.Ever since mesh fabrics debut, it gain popularity in many countries in a short time and becoming more and more popular, why this new material become a popularity? What is mesh material advantage? In this article, we summarize the related information about mesh material,it is not the best article but the most comprehensive article on mesh material.

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History of the mesh


Before 1994, office chair industry mainstream is wooden chair,padded leather chair, foam covered with fabric chair,etc


In 1994, Herman miller released Aeron and introduced a revolutionary new fabric to the world of office chairs – Pellicle mesh. This fabric allowed the air to circulate through the chair, letting workers’ skin breathe and keeping them cool. Not only that, but it looked fantastic; a futuristic vision in mesh and chrome.


We all know that China is the worlds largest manufacturing base for mesh ergonomic chair.

China begin to manufacture ergonomic chair at the beginning of 21 century. There are tens of  thousands of mesh chair factories in China. There are two main manufacturing base in China. One manufacturing base is located in Anji, Zhejiang province. In Anji manufacturing base, the manufacturers there produce cheaper mesh chair, if you want to wholesale the cheapest mesh chair, you can source the supplier in Anji, Zhejiang province,you surely will find the mesh chairs within target. Another famous manufacturing base for mesh ergonomic chair is located in Guangdong province. Some are in Foshan and some are in Zhongshan, Nansha. The ergonomic mesh chair produced in Guangdong is among the higher level. If you buy high level ergonomic chairs,you can source the suppliers in Guangdong.



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Mesh advantage


Breathability and Ventilation

Because mesh is open for the most part, mesh office chairs allow a greater amount of air to circulate whilst you’re sitting on them. This means you’ll be cooler overall whilst you’re working, and you will not get that annoying sweaty patch on the back of your legs or your lower back, particularly on hot days. This is a big problem with leather chairs; you’ve no doubt stuck to the material and squeaked your way off your chair at some point, but you will not have that issue with mesh!


Easy to Maintain


Mesh chairs are usually very lightweight and quite minimalistic, so they’re equally easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe them down with a wet cloth and allow them to dry, and you don’t have the possibility of rips like you do with leather or fabric, as the mesh is designed to be very durable and strong. Similarly, the lightweight nature means you can move the chairs around with ease.


Good Value For Money


You’ll find that a chair made of mesh will be cheaper than an office chair made of leather. Despite the lower price, they still very much look the part and could easily fit in with your idea of luxurious office furniture for your next office refurbishment



4. Modern style

The mesh upholstery combined with plastic frame, mesh desk chairs look great in contemporary office, giving office a stylish and modern look. It is aesthetics in the workplace and attractive to people, setting up such modern mesh chairs in business, impresses clients and attracts the right employees.


5. Ergonomic support


Mesh backrests offer good levels of support and are ergonomically shaped to fit with the natural curvature of the spine. An ergonomic backrest is the best way to prevent back pain and encourage a healthy posture.





Mesh is very popular since its is invented,but if have to pick up an advantage, it should be as below:

Some people think that mesh material is not as Comfortable as Leather.

A mesh office chair is comfortable and supportive, and it will mould to your regular contours, but it can’t ever be described as having the same level of comfort as a large leather office chair. For that reason, perhaps mesh office chairs are not suitable for those who are very heavy in weight, for those with heavy weight, a combination of mesh back seat with leather or fabric seat would be a better choice.


 Difference of import mesh and domestic mesh. 

 In the ergonomic office chair manufacturing,some ergonomic chair wholesalers may worry about some factories may using domestic mesh to impersonate Wintex mesh in South Korea or Matrex mesh in the United States, because these mesh are very similar in appearance, which can not be distinguished by pictures even by professionals, actually,there's a big difference.
1: price: the imported American Matrex mesh is the most expensive, the Korean Wintex mesh is the second expensive, and the domestic mesh is the cheapest, and the import mesh involves of customs declaration, and the delivery period is long.


2 Durability: in the vertical fall mechanical test , the imported Matrex mesh and Wintex mesh can pass 100000 strong impact, and the domestic mesh will burst between 60, 000 and 80, 000 times according to different brands!

3 Material: American Matrex mesh and Wintex mesh material is soft, the elasticity is strong, the domestic mesh is relatively hard, the elasticity and resilience performed not so well.

The touching surface of Matrex is sticky to the hand, and the touching surface of Wintex mesh is smooth. According to different brands, some of the surface of domestic mesh is smooth and some of the surface is rough.
Most of small manufacturers in China do not use import mesh, there are only a few manufacturers who use importing mesh,which is generally used on the specified requirements of foreign customers, because the import mesh is not only more expensive, but also has requirements in terms of order quantity, and as it involves  customs declaration factors, the lead time is relatively long, which limits the procurement for small manufacturers. If some small manufacturers claimed that they use Matrex and Wintex, but price is very low, you have to be cautions on this.

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How to clean and maintain mesh ergonomic chair?


Mesh ergonomic chair cleaning method: full mesh ergonomic chair cleaning is relatively simple, the first step is to use a household vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the chair body, it is recommended to wipe the vacuum cleaner before using the vacuum cleaner, if there is no vacuum cleaner, you can pat the chair surface in the open space to let the surface dust fall off; the second step is to use a wet cleaning cloth dipped in some cleaning solution to wipe repeatedly. The third step is to wipe off the excess foam with a clean wet cleaning cloth, then wait for it to dry naturally or use a hair dryer to dry.



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