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Why good home office furniture can improve our health and well-being?

Why good home office furniture can improve our health and well-being?


Why good  home office furniture can improve our health and well-being?


Teleworking has been one of the great changes that the Covid 19 pandemic has imposed on our lives.

Although teleworking is considered one of the best prevention measures against the spread of the virus, it is also true that working from home can lead to exposure to other negative situations for our health, especially ergonomic and psychosocial risks, such as derivatives from sedentary lifestyle, muscular problems derived from bad posture caused by chairs not suitable for sitting for hours or technological stress.

So Do we have suitable office furniture at home to work? Is it really important? 


When you are working from home, whether you can take good care of our health depends on your home office furniture. We have to choose it wisely and carefully.

If you have to telecommute more frequently because of your current working conditions, or even if you have been telecommuting for a long time, this article may be very important to you. It summarizes how office furniture in your home can be a key factor in taking better care of your health and well-being.


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If you work in an office, or in a home office, ergonomics is an essential consideration. 

Learning about the importance of ergonomics in your home office is essential to anyone who works from home. Ergonomics is all about how the human body interacts with your work and environment. Incorporating ergonomics into your home office will improve your productivity, make you more comfortable, and prevent stress and injury.


One in three people in this position suffers from back pain at some point in their professional practice, which can seriously affect performance and may even require some kind of surgery.
There is no better medicine than prevention. Nothing is more valuable than health, which is why choosing an ergonomic chair is one of the basic ways for you to start taking better care of your health.
Executive chairs or semi-executive chairs are not only ergonomically designed, and their flexibility and adjustment systems are also of great value in adapting them to your specific needs.





Working in a comfortable position in a chair will help you better focus on the most important aspects of your work.
For this reason, we recommend that you check to see if your chair keeps you comfortable throughout the working day. However, other office furniture in your home should also be taken into account. For example, if your desk and screen are placed too high, putting your neck in an unnatural position can lead to fatigue; or conversely, if they end up too low, typing for long periods of time or using the mouse will eventually lead to fatigue and damage to your health.


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Circulation is very important.


You need to consider some aspects of a good office chair to promote optimal blood flow and thus protect the health of workers.
For example, tilting the front of the seat will help the legs circulate better; otherwise, something that could cause significant damage in the long run. It also avoids the pressure on the back of the knee and further limits the blood circulation of the legs.
In addition, having a chair with an adjustable back and a variable tilting system is a great way for us to modify the chair to suit our body shape; because, in some cases, our abdomen is oppressed, causing blood circulation and even digestive problems.





If you want to force yourself to do something that requires you to move around the workplace regularly, a good home office furniture equipment can help.
First of all, a workplace with enough space, such as fully equipped modular furniture, will make your task more organized. Things can be made easier by having adjustable and movable ergonomic chairs.
If you have to stay in the home office for a long time, it may be useful to consider integrating footstools or seats together so that you can switch to a more relaxed position when the situation requires.

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Thermal comfort.


Another key factor to consider is the ability of your furniture (especially chairs) to maintain optimal ventilation.
It is no coincidence that some of today's most popular economic office  chairs are made of breathable materials, as they have proved to be more comfortable in the long run in addition to taking better care of your health, especially if you stay indoors. 
Chairs with thermal comfort design or breathable materials will prevent you from sweating and keep you at the right temperature throughout the working day, allowing you to feel more comfortably and improve your productivity.
So now you know that choosing high-quality home office furniture can get many health benefits and the benefits that affect your performance and results can not be ignored.

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