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4 tips to share for picking and purchasing ergonomic chairs

4 tips to share for picking and purchasing ergonomic chairs




The development of ergonomic desk chairs has a long history which can be traced back. Ancient chairs are also symbolization of power, rights, status and religion,which highlights their status. For example, the emperor's seat is called "dragon chair" ,  In modern society, while computer chairsnow  become the necessities for people to work.

In recent years, with the development of society, people spend more and more time sitting in front of computers. According to statistics, office workers spend more and more time in the office every day. Therefore, buying a comfortable office computer chair and creating a pleasant and healthy office environment can double the work vitality and alleviate the sub-health crisis.
But there are many computer chairs on the market, how to choose an office computer chair of excellent quality and cost-effective? This article is devoted to telling you how to choose ergonomic chair and computer chair.


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Tips 1 check whether it can improve fatigue.


The pressure on the body caused by long-term desk work and improper posture will more or less cause chronic damage to the spine of  people. Moreover, once a spinal disease is formed, it will become a stubborn disease that has been accompanied for many years but cannot be quickly cured. Therefore, when considering a computer chair, we have to see whether it has a protective effect on the spine.

The ultimate goal of the purchase of ergonomic chairs and computer chairs is to improve the fatigue of employees. For example, for the HOOKAY ergonomic computer chair, the ergonomic structure design of the computer chair injects humanized elements into the design of core components such as headrest, chair back, seatpad, cushion, armrest, etc., which fully meets the physiological needs of the human body during the use of the chair, and has a free adjustment function, with a comfort degree of up to 95%, which can get rid of fatigue from the root and improve the occupational diseases caused by sitting for a long time.

Therefore, when choosing a computer chair, you might as well sit on it for ten minutes. If you choose a computer chair that can release pressure on the back of your neck and head, relax your shoulders and waist, and adjust the angle according to your height and shape, it is a good computer chair.

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Tips 2 check details


Details determine quality, a computer chair that looks comfortable and high-grade, the details must be equally fine and attentive. Moreover, exquisite workmanship is also a prerequisite for ensuring safety and health.
In small details, compare with the HOOKAY ergonomic chair. For example, the feet of the HOOKAY ergonomic chair are made of imported aviation aluminum and designed with five claws, and the area is much larger than that of the four claws, which ensures the stability and safety of the chair, but at the same time, it is more flexible and convenient than the six claws. The swivel chair is flexible, smooth and smooth; the three-dimensional curved seat designed according to the sitting posture curve can increase the contact area between the thighs and buttocks and relieve the pressure; the cushion is thick and concave curve design, has a good sense of sitting, and the mesh material has good air permeability, fast heat dissipation and comfort. Some hidden parts are equally delicate and meticulous. If you want to buy a seat that looks classy, the details are one of the considerations.

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Tips 3  Is the quality of raw materials guaranteed?


The material of the computer chair is the key factor to ensure the safety and health of consumers in the process of use. Generally speaking, raw materials must be breathable, heat dissipation, easy to clean and so on.
The raw materials used in the ergonomic chair of HOOKAY have excellent quality assurance. For example, the international imported aviation aluminum is certified by ISO9001; and the imported mesh is used, which is not only good for air permeability, conducive to heat dissipation, and easy to clean; the air pressure gaslift has passed the SGS certification, can withstand the pressure of 2400 jin, and has passed the American BFM certification. The chassis parts of the HOOKAY ergonomic chair have been tested for 120000 times under pressure and tilt. Therefore, the HOOKAY ergonomic chair is particularly durable, not easy to appear aging phenomenon, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.
Ergonomic chair, computer chair purchase the fourth move: whether the appearance is fashionable.
The fashionable computer chair can not only match the whole office space, but also make the user feel happy. The shape design of the HOOKAY ergonomic chair is quite unique and elegant in color, and it is beautiful and impressive no matter at home or in the office. Choose a good computer chair ergonomic chair, of course, can not be too ugly, such as HOOKAY ergonomic chair such as internal and external design, can be regarded as a good choice.

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Tip 4    Is the price affordable?

On the market, there are many brands with ergonomic chairs that far exceed the ultra-high price, often exceeding the ratio of quality to price. HOOKAY ergonomic chair, on the basis of excellent quality, with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience and large-scale advantages, so that the product has a super cost-effective advantage.
Buying a cost-effective human body engineering computer chair not only has a positive effect on health, but also the beginning of work efficiency improvement. Also hope that everyone can buy a cost-effective human body engineering computer chair, improve work efficiency, so that you "sit" in the office does not hurt!

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