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How to sit in ergonomic chair?

How to sit in ergonomic chair?


Chairs used in offices are often linked to "ergonomics", and they are called "ergonomic chairs".

Some people may feel a little strange to the word "ergonomics". In fact, it is not difficult to understand. This discipline began to have systematic research as early as the 1950s, and is composed of six branch disciplines, including anthropometry, biomechanics, environmental physiology and so on.

In short, ergonomics discipline studies the problem of "the interaction between people,  products and the environment".

For example, when you need to adjust other functions while driving, the most thoughtful design is to allow you to operate without taking your eyes off. This ergonomic design will make you feel that the car is an extension of your body's nerves,  always taking into account the actual use of people.


Before the design of each ergonomic product, there is a huge amount of data for theoretical support.


 Ergonomic chair design is a complicated process, but at the same time how to use ergonomic office chair and how to sit properly to make the best out of the chair is another important thing.

In this article let discuss how to sit properly in your ergonomic chairs

In most cases, your desk and chair are not tailor-made for you, so sitting incorrectly for a long time can lead to discomfort. How to set up office desks and chairs to make them ergonomic so as to avoid all kinds of pain caused by sitting posture?


In fact, most of the people in our office don't know how to sit in chairs.

Most people like to "sit hunched" at the office, because it is difficult to maintain posture by relying solely on the body, and a good ergonomic chair is needed to support the body.


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1. The seat height should be appropriate, so that the 90 degrees between the thighs and calves are vertical, so that the stress of the body can be distributed. If the seat is too high, it will oppress the blood circulation on the lower thigh; if the height is too low, the feeling of sitting in the seat is "nest", the spine can not be straight, the waist is prone to injury, and even suffer from the problem of lumbar disc herniation.

2.The depth is can not be ignored too, it is necessary to fill the seatpad . The gap from the edge of the seat to the knee is about 3 fingers so as not to oppress the blood circulation of the leg.

3、The armrest of the chair is a point that many people ignore. If you put your hand on the armrest, you can reduce the total load on the coccyx by 20%. So let your hands lean on the aremrest as much as possible to share the weight.

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4.The back of the ergonomic chair office must have a support to maintain the normal Radian and reduce pressure. The more inclined the chair is, the more comfortable it is, and the greater the angle between the upper body and the lower body will be. The most comfortable back angle is 110 °~ 130 °

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5、The ergonomic chair with headrest is designed for the neck, not the back of the head. So the headrest that can adjust the height and direction is better, and it is importanat to choose a soft or harder mesh headrest based on your neck cone . It is better to have  the headrest with flexible adjustability.

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6、When working at a desk, the seat should lean forward and adjust. Sit depth adjustment, which can greatly improve the comfort of the buttocks and legs. Chairs without depth adjustment usually only take care of the waist. Under normal circumstances, the proportion of the upper body bones of the human body is basically the same, so it is easy to take care of the waist alone.

7.The back of the chair should be highly adjusted . The chair you choose should be adapted to your body ratio, height and weight, living habits, etc., so that you will feel comfortable sitting for a long time. To put it simply, you should find your waist position and back position according to your height. You should adjust it to be the most comfortable position.
8.Ergonomic chair reclining back tilting adjustment.With simple knob or hand, Rely on mechanical design and the laws of physics to convert a person's own weight into the force needed to tilt.
No one can be in the same position for hours. When you are sitting, you must move and lean back in your seat to relax your muscles and continue to type the keyboard at the same time. Whether you can stretch and adjust your body slightly on the chair or not actually determines your comfort to a great extent.
And when the back is tilted back, the weight of the upper body can be transferred to the backrest, reducing the pressure on the coccyx.

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To sum up briefly, it is as follows:

❶The thigh and upper body are kept or between 90 °and 110 °.

❷The buttocks sit all over the chair, the waist is close to the back of the chair, so as not to let the waist hang in the air.

❸ The seat height is moderate, the thigh and calf maintain or more than 90 °, the seat edge to the knee to maintain half a fist distance (to avoid pressing the leg ), the soles of the feet should be attached to the ground.

❹ Relax the shoulders, keep the upper and lower arms at or greater than 90 °, and place your elbows on the armrests of the chair to reduce the total load of the coccyx by 20%.

Three joints 90-120 ° is the appropriate sitting position, but it does not have to be maintained at all times. It is also very beneficial to have a small adjustment of an angle for a long time.

If you sit Leaning forward 20 °, the weight of the lumbar is 185%, so even if you are sitting with  a good chair, if the sitting posture is not correct, then the old disease still can not be improved.

For some folks with correct sitting habits, buying an ergonomic chair is the icing on the cake. But if you don't sit correctly, no matter how expensive the chair is, it's just a psychological comfort.

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If you have already spent a sum of money to buy your beloved and valuable ergonomic chair, you should put it into practice.
Life is valuable only if you can buy and sit comfortably and improve the quality of life and the efficiency of your work.

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