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Knowledge about the ergonomic chair you should learn.

Knowledge about the ergonomic chair you should learn.


Do you have the same experience?

You are always feeling sleepy in spring, tired in autumn and napping in summer? For me I feel lethargic 365 days a year. Even if sometimes I sit in the office for a day without doing anything, I still have a sore back as if I have been beaten up. 

The secret is :

You need a good ergonomic office chair 

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Well,there are some knowledge about the ergonomic mesh chairs you should learn.


As more and more people pay attention to their spinal health, the term appears more and more frequently in the eyes of the public. Products with ergonomic features tend to attract more attention.

So how much information do you know about ergonomics besides having a unique shape that distinguishes it from other products?

Today i will give you some simple knowledge about ergonomics under the popular science. Let take a closer look now.

First, let  explain ergonomics.

Ergonomic is an independent discipline which explore the coordinated relationship between human and machinery , it has a history of only 40 years.

However, during the world war, there was a period of intensive use of ergonomics.

Ergonomics was originated in Europe and the United States, originally in the industrial society, when mass production and use of mechanical facilities began, the use of aircraft and tanks became very complex, and the cockpit of the aircraft was full of dials, indicators and other instruments. a pilot's control ability has reached its limit.

Many aircraft crashed because they were too complex to control, so they began to group control lines according to ergonomics to help pilots avoid unnecessary operations.

Ergonomics is also gradually applied in the field of employee safety and health.

After World War II, ergonomics focused on product design and convenience. At this time, military interest in ergonomics continues, but.
The existing working environment may also cause harm to human health. Musculoskeletal injuries (MSDs) caused by unhealthy office posture, for example, have taken a heavy toll on the US economy.

Through well-designed ergonomic products, the occurrence of MSDs can be greatly reduced. Take the ergonomic chair, for example.
 This kind of product is to use scientific and human health research means to make the seat design and material best adapt to the shape of the human body, when the human body is in a naturally relaxed working state, it can effectively alleviate and reduce the strain of muscles in the shoulder and neck, spine, arms, thighs and other parts.

Today, the field of ergonomics continues to develop and has been applied to many fields, from the design of astronaut equipment to surgical equipment to today's office equipment.

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Environmental ergonomics

Its latest trend, which may be called, refers to the working environment, including factors such as ambient light, sound and temperature, with an emphasis still on the combination of labour welfare and productivity.

Having a general understanding of the past and present of ergonomics, let's focus on your butt.

What do you pay most attention to when you buy an office chair?
Style, safety, comfort, price, or all? In fact, it mainly depends on your budget and needs.
Especially for those with cervical spondylosis or lumbar disc herniation, the ergonomic chair is an excellent choice.

If you have higher requirements for the comfort and health of the office desk chair. I would suggest that when choosing, you need to pay attention to the following seven aspects of consideration.

1. The height of the cushion determines the comfort of the legs.
When buying an office chair, first, make sure that the gaslift has safety certification, and second, check whether the lifting function can make the seat cushion hover quickly in any position.
Ergonomics tells us that there are two natural right angles at the ankles and knees, and the height of the seat cushion is the most appropriate.
If the seat cushion is too high and the feet are off the ground, the calves and feet will be congested in the air, and the discomfort of the legs and feet will appear when standing up; if the seat cushion is too low, take the knee as the fulcrum, it will support part of the thigh and leave the seat cushion. Increase the discomfort of lower limb fatigue.

2.The depth of seat cushion determines the pressure of lower limbs and the health of lumbar vertebrae.
Cushion depth is also critical, try to choose the seat depth of the adjustment function of the ergonomic chair. So what is the right position to adjust the depth of the seat?
Ergonomics tells us that the knee does not fit the edge of the seat cushion, leaving a little gap, and the thighs sit on the seat cushion as far as possible. Increasing the contact area between the body and the seat cushion is the best way to reduce the lower limb pressure. The lower pressure makes the user feel comfortable and the sitting time is longer.

3. The height of the lumbar pillow determines the health of the lumbar spine.
The appropriate height of the waist pillow must make the top of the waist pillow to the position of the second, third and fourth vertebrae of the human spine from the bottom to the top. Only by reaching this position can the damage to the upper part of the spine caused by incorrect sitting posture be avoided.
In the purchase, in addition to pay attention to the waist pillow has up and down adjustable, but also pay attention to the waist pillow needs to have a certain degree of elasticity, so that our back slightly away from the back of the chair or turn around, the waist can get strong support of the waist pillow.

4. The backward function determines the efficiency of office and rest.
Ergonomic chairs generally have the back cushion back function, you can try to back against the chair to feel the comfort.
What's the advantage of leaning back of the chair? First, when the sitting position is 135 °lying on the back, the back can also share part of the body pressure, the human body pressure is the lowest, the body feels more comfortable, less prone to fatigue, office efficiency is also improved.
Second, when the user needs to rest, lean the back of the chair, the user will get a more comfortable rest experience and help them recover quickly.

5. The height and angle of the headrest determine the comfort of the cervical vertebra.
Headrest is more used for rest or 135 °lying office, the headrest of the ergonomic chair can adjust the height and angle. The headrest is supported in the third to seventh segments of the cervical spine, which can effectively relieve cervical fatigue and prevent bone spur or chronic cervical degeneration.

6. The height and angle of the headrest determine the comfort of the shoulder and arm.
The most appropriate adjustment height of the headrest is the natural 90 °angle of the hand ribs. Too high will shrug and too low will lift the shoulder, which will cause shoulder pain.

7. The material of the seat cushion determines the comfort of the sitting posture.
Now the seat cushion, back cushion, waist pillow, headrest and other places of the ergonomic chair generally use fashionable and more scientific and technological mesh material. High-grade mesh is not only wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, strong load-bearing, but also good air permeability, comfortable sitting, avoiding the discomfort caused by sedentary buttocks and legs overheating, making people sitting comfortably..
It should be noted that the mesh  is also of high and low quality. some low-grade office chairs only use mesh  in the back cushion, while the cushion still uses sponge, which needs to be carefully identified.
As long as you identify and buy office chairs from these aspects, you will certainly have products that protect your health.

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