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Is it necessary for you to buy an ergonomic office chair?

Is it necessary for you to buy an ergonomic office chair?


If you are asking this question, i guess that you are sourcing difference guiding  information on ergonomic computer chair to make a decision and you are a beginner on office furniture .

The answer is Yes.


If you encounter below situation, please do not hesitate to add the ergonomic chair to your shopping cart: you often work long working hours at your desk, you have long-term overtime sitting problems, lumbar compression, lumbar disc herniation and other lumbar diseases and would like to  pursue a more comfortable and healthier sitting experience.

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1.What problems can the ergonomic chair solve?

Reduce the stress on all parts of the body, protect the lumbar vertebrae, cervical vertebrae and spine to alleviate the symptoms of lumbar diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, sitting comfortably without fatigue.

2.Why can ergonomic chairs solve these problems?

In fact, this can be understood after we know the difference between an ergonomic chair and an ordinary office chair as below

Ergonomic chairs have better lumbar support. The basic feature of the ergonomic chair is that it has a good lumbar support design, which can be reflected in the solid lumbar support device with adjustable height and the mesh design. This kind of lumbar support design can avoid the lumbar hanging in the air ,so as to effectively protect the lumbar.

Ergonomic chairs have better head support. At present, most ergonomic chairs on the market are equipped with headrest, so that when you rest in the office chair with headrest, the head and cervical vertebrae have good support, thus reducing the probability of cervical spondylosis.

The ergonomic chair can be adapted to the adjustment system according to individual needs. As everyone has individual differences, height, weight, sitting posture are different, so in order to meet individual needs, most ergonomic chairs have manual or automatic adjustment functions, including height, armrest, lumbar support, headrest and so on.

The ergonomic chair has a more comfortable experience.Generally Speaking, the material and design of the ergonomic chair is much stronger than the ordinary chair, and the cushion uses high elastic mesh or sponge, which is very soft and has good support, so  you will feel very comfortable on it , and it is not easy to feel tired.

To understand more, let me give a brief analysis about the principle of ergonomic chair.


 First talk about the main causes of lumbar disease: after sitting down, because the sacrum part of the pelvis rotates backward from the S shape to the arch, the intervertebral disc of the spine will be squeezed and rubbed, forcing it to act on a thrust to the ligament, thus causing lumbar discomfort, and long-term accumulation may cause lumbar disc disease.


In addition, the force of the lumbar vertebrae of the human body when sitting is 1.4-2.4 times that of standing upright posture. In order to reduce the stress on the waist, we can increase the angle between the seat and the back of the chair, reduce the angle of rotation of the pelvis, and at the same time give a moderate support to the waist. This is the core of the ergonomic chair-the waist support system.

The back leaning of the ergonomic chair is generally 95-115 degrees, which is the most favorable angle for the human body to sit down. In addition, the upper back and shoulders bear about 70% of the force on the back of the chair, and the lumbar support and shoulder support together constitute the two-point support system for the back of the ergonomic chair.

Secondly, 75% of the weight of the human body is concentrated on the chair surface, and 75% of the force is concentrated on the very small tail vertebrae, the best way is to increase the contact area between the buttocks and the base of the thigh and the chair surface, and at the same time add a certain leaning angle of the chair surface to move the body's center of gravity backward from the buttocks, so that the back of the chair can be added to the body support, thus sharing the support pressure of the buttocks. Finally, for the front of the thigh, we can not use too hard material to support, otherwise it will oppress the front of the thigh and cause discomfort.

Therefore, a qualified ergonomic chair generally has the following four aspects of support: shoulder, lumbar, hip and thigh reasonable support.
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 A brief analysis of the important parameters of ergonomic chair

1. The most critical components for the ergonomic chair is the lumbar support which determine whether the ergonomic chair can protect our lumbar well. Best back support for office chair can effectively support our lumbar while maintaining comfort without obvious foreign body sensation. At present, the height of the lumbar support in the mainstream of the market can be adjusted manually, and some high-end ergonomic chairs can be automatically adjusted according to the sitting posture of the human body.

2. The headrest is not a necessity, but it can support the head and protect the cervical vertebra.  It is recommended to buy the office chair with neck support

A good headrest needs to be in full contact with the cervical vertebrae so that the cervical vertebrae can not be suspended and subjected to pressure. Headrest shapes are different, generally speaking, larger headrest is more comfortable than small headrest, of course, the price is higher.

3. The chair surface determines the support of the buttocks and thighs. As for the material, there are two categories, sponge chair surface and mesh surface. The advantage of the sponge chair surface is comfortable to sit, but the air permeability is poor, especially in summer. The advantage of the mesh surface is that the air permeability is good, but the sitting feeling is relatively poor. In addition, if the design is unreasonable, the mesh surface will oppress the front thigh and cause discomfort. At present, most ergonomic chairs use mesh.

In addition, if the buttocks are large, it is recommended to choose an ergonomic chair with adjustable chair depth.

4. The gaslift is mainly responsible for the height rise and fall, which is mainly related to the safety problem. if the gaslift purchased is not up to standard, it is easy to cause explosion and danger. Therefore, try to buy ergonomic chairs with international safety certification such as SGS, Tunable V, BIFMA and so on.

5. Armrests are used to support our elbows and buy massage chairs that can adjust armrests from multiple angles as far as possible.

6, the looking and styling of the chair is also very important, try to buy ergonomic chairs in line with your  own aesthetic point of view, in addition, many brands of ergonomic chair color can be customized.

Therefore, how to choose an ergonomic chair suitable for you, although there are many parameters listed above, ,the most important comfort experience cannot be reflected by the above parameters. Here, I suggest  you to go to the local ergonomic chair shop to experience and compare it, so that you can really choose the ergonomic chair that suits you well.

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What are the main differences between different grades of ergonomic chairs?

When you seat on a good ergonomic chair,
the support of the chair surface and back is more obvious, but it is not the feeling of hard roof and is very comfortable. And the lower-grade chair  when sitting on it , you will feel a lack of support, the protection of the human body is also relatively poor.

A good ergonomic chair has meticulous workmanship, the adjustable parts are tightly fastened, and the damping feeling is excellent, while the ordinary chair adjustable parts will shake in varying degrees, and the workmanship is obviously much rougher.

A good ergonomic chair design is more in line with human mechanics, so that people will not feel tired in the process of sitting on the chair for a long time, which is difficult to be reflected in the short-term trial or parameters.

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