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Which one to choose, Mesh seat or foam seat for ergonomic chair?

Which one to choose, Mesh seat or foam seat for ergonomic chair?


In the passed two years, ergonomic office chair, working from home chairs are very popular items with the COVID-19 ravaging in the world, as the demand for comfortable ergonomic chair is increasing.  

Some office chair dealers and importers are sourcing hot selling ergonomic office chair from different manufactures, when they are going to  choose a supplier and add the chairs to their collection, they may have a question , which one to choose ,mesh seat or foam seat?


For end consumers, when they are purchasing a good ergonomic office chair or home office chair, they also ask, may i choose the foam seat or the mesh seat ? Which one is more comfortable? Which one is suitable?.  Today we will talk something  on this topic.

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First , you need to know


Foam seat and mesh seat have big difference, it is hard to say which one is better.

let's  talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of seat in the first step.


Advantages for foam seat

Good elasticity and high comfort.
2.Good support, the thighs and buttocks can be effectively supported.
3.It is more stable to sit and is not easy to skid.


Disadvantages for foam seat

 Air permeability is not as good as mesh seat. If the supplier use bad quality foam , it has the risk of collapse after a long time sitting

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Mesh seat is the mainstream in the market at present, and it has gain more and more recognition by end consumers. Let me specify some  advantages of mesh seat as follows:

1.It has good air permeability which is especially suitable for use in summer.
2.The looking and style is beautiful.

Disadvantages for mesh seat

 The support and comfort is slightly worse than the seat, if the quality of the mesh is poor, the sitting feeling will be very stiff, and sitting for a long time will cause poor blood circulation at the root of the thigh, resulting in numbness.

To sum up, foam seat are more suitable for those who weigh more or pursue comfort, but the style is as beautiful as mesh seat.

Mesh seat are more suitable for those who pursue breathability and overall aesthetics, you could see that  most of the products on the market are with mesh seat.

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Which one to choose when make a selection and purchase for end consumer?

What you need to pay attention to when buying foam cushions.

1. It is necessary to pay attention to the thickness and quality of the foam, among which the high elastic foam is the best. The thickness and quality of the foam are related to the sitting feeling and support. the integrated high elastic foam is very good in terms of comfort and support, and it will not cause collapse after a long time.

2. We need to pay attention to whether the design of foam seat is in line with ergonomics. Among them, it is better to design the curve Radian in line with the human buttocks and thighs, which can effectively decompose the forces on the buttocks and thighs and make it possible to sit for a long time.

The points that need to be paid attention to when choosing and purchasing mesh seat.

1. It is very important to pay attention to the quality of the mesh. Poor mesh seat is not only very poor comfort, but also has a great negative impact on the body. Generally speaking, try to choose the mesh with good elasticity and toughness, among which the American mesh and Korea mesh is the best. However,to determine whether it is easy to use, you need to actually experience the chair. Generally speaking, the price of mesh seat with good sitting feeling will cost several hundreds dollars.

2. We need to pay attention to the ergonomic design of the seat, which is the same as that of the foam seat.
All in all, we need to be more careful when choosing mesh seat, because there are great differences between different products, and if we make the wrong choice, it is a waste of money.
Finally, whether the mesh seat oppresses the thigh depends on the user's weight, the quality of the mesh seat, ergonomic design and so on. Generally speaking, if the weight is not particularly large, it is not a big problem to use middle and high-end ergonomic chairs.

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