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How to adjust ergonomic office chair to maintain correct sitting posture ?

How to adjust ergonomic office chair to maintain correct sitting posture ?


For most white-collar workers, their office chair is just like their second bed as they spent many hours sitting on the chair, so how can we make the second bed more comfortable? how can the office ergonomic chair be adjusted to the most appropriate height?

According to a survey conducted by the American Association of Professional chiropractors, the highest point of the chair seat is just below the kneecap, which is the most suitable height for people. To put it simply, there are two vertical rules: when sitting down, the thighs are perpendicular to the calves, and the spine is vertical to the hips.

Nowadays, most offices workers choose office chairs with adjustable height. If you are tall, legs are long the chair will be  too short and uncomfortable. IF you are short, and it is too awkward to sit in a tall chair. Some guys would like to sit hiding in the chair. For these reasons, many office workers have  adjusted different kind of heights for their office chair , is it really scientific?


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If the chair is too high, the two legs are suspended for a long time because of the influence of gravity, the knee joint is also in a dangling state for a long time, it is easy to appear chronic strain, such as inflammation of ligaments and so on. At the same time, some of the pressure on the body is scattered to the thighs, and if you sit for too long, you may even have the problem of swelling of the lower limbs.



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If the chair is too short, the legs will unconsciously straighten forward, leading to the problem of knee joint fatigue. After a long time, there would have problem of cartilage lesions. The chair is too short. Many people feel that they sit in a nest, and the spine cannot be straight. The waist is easy to feel injury, and even suffer from the problem of lumbar disc herniation.
In view of these two situations, chairs with adjustment function should be adjusted to the two best vertical heights recommended by doctors, while for those seats that cannot adjust height, experts suggest that if the seats are short, you can put something on the seat to ensure two right angles. in addition, it is also very important to be equipped with a waist pillow, which can effectively reduce lumbar injury.

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There are several suggestions for you from Hookay ergonomic chair on how to sit.

Adjusting your office chair for the best sitting posture

Your new office chair may have some or all of the above controls. To achieve the correct posture, the controls should be easily accessible when you are sitting on the chair. The perfect office setup.

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1. Seat Height

The first step to a good sitting posture is ensuring that the seat height is correct. Stand in front of your chair and adjust the height of the seat pan to just below your knee caps.


Now sit on your chair with your back firmly against the backrest.

Keep your feet flat on the floor.

Your knees should be slightly below the level of your hips.

Check the gap between the front edge of your seat and the inside of your knees. It should be about the size of your clenched fist (5cm).


2. Seat Depth (if available)

The best sitting posture should result in a gap about the size of your clenched fist between the front edge of the seat cushion and the inside of your knees. If this is not the case, then adjust the depth of the seat. A shorter person will want the seat closer to the chair back and a taller person will want it a little further away.

If you are short and the chair has no seat depth adjustment, place a cushion between your back and the backrest of the chair.


3. Lumbar Support

Proper lumbar support is essential when you are sitting for long periods of time. An adjustable lumbar support is a feature most people look for when buying a new office chair.

The lumbar support should be adjusted so that it fits snugly in the natural curve of your spine, typically at the small of your back directly above your belt line. Best back support for office chairs.


4. Armrests

Your forearms should rest comfortably at your side on the armrests. The armrests should, at a minimum, be height adjustable. Many modern chairs have armrests that are width and depth adjustable, and also have the ability to pivot both inwards and outwards. This allows for a more customised fit while sitting and improves your posture. What is the difference between office chair armrests?


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5. Headrest (if available)

Headrests improve your sitting posture by providing support and comfort to the head and neck while you are in a reclined position. Not every person requires a headrest, but they can improve your comfort for many day-to-day tasks like talking on the phone.


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