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International brand ergonomic chair VS Chinese brand ergonomic chair Why there is big difference?

International brand ergonomic chair VS Chinese brand ergonomic chair Why there is big difference?


Have you noticed ?When searching for ergonomic chair products, we will find that mainstream products with international brands such as HermanMiller, HAWORTH and Okamura are very expensive, while Chinese brand ergonomic chairs are generally much cheaper.


Why there is such a huge price gap in the market, the essence of the price difference is the difference in product , or the price is falsely high?


In-depth study found that international big names do have reasons for being expensive.


Ergonomic chair has been developed for decades. Take HermanMiller, one of the three largest ergonomic chair enterprises in the world, as an example, its company has a history of nearly 110 years. Its classic ergonomic chair Aeron has been on sale for nearly 30 years. An excellent ergonomic chair integrates the research and development achievements of several disciplines, such as ergonomics, materials science and so on. Taking Aeron, which was listed in 1994 as an example, it has undergone tens of thousands of experiments and tests before it can creatively use DuPont nylon mesh materials. Nowadays, the mesh chairs that can be seen everywhere come from this chair. Not only that, an excellent ergonomic chair is based on long-term human data research. Take Zody, which is also one of the three major international ergonomic chair companies, as an example. After several years of basic research with the research team of the University of Michigan at the beginning of the 21st century, Zody created a unique lumbar support and sacral support system. Now the popular ergonomic chair lumbar support comes from this chair.

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After In-depth study of the development history of international big-name ergonomic chairs, it is not difficult to find that these international big brands continue to pursue material innovation and challenge process limits, making ergonomic chairs more and more slender and elegant, more and more in line with popular aesthetics. Compared with the first generation, the second generation of Aeron released by Hermanmiller in 2017 not only has a thinner, thinner and more elegant appearance, but also its product quality continues unabated, and it can meet the US BIFMA certification for the most stringent testing of ergonomic chairs in the world.

However, international big brands should not be so expensive.

Despite all kinds of gimmicks, is it reasonable for international brands of ergonomic chair products to be so expensive?


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In-depth analysis of these international big-name business models, it is not difficult to find that these traditional China office furniture manufacturer  mainly face offline B-end business customers, and even some enterprises did not open e-commerce to face C-end customers before the epidemic. The ergonomic chairs of these big international e-commerce brands worth US $1,000 above are actually a typical high-price strategy, which uses the inequality of information to gain the trust of target consumers, and uses preconceived brand awareness to cause anchor effect. Avoid preempting the cake of offline channels, and support the sales of offline B-end commercial customers at inflated prices. After all, compared with its monthly e-commerce sales of dozens, the real customers are those offline corporate procurement customers.

China ergonomic chair brands compete fiercely at low prices

Now, in the face of the market environment in which international brands occupy the middle and high end and set false high prices, Chinese brands have come out one after another. However, due to the late start, lack of technology and R & D foundation and other historical background, China enterprises are mostly concentrated in low-price areas with serious homogenization competition. Even some domestic brands do not regard "product power" as the direction of improving performance-to-price ratio, creating a false "high performance-to-price ratio" at the expense of product innovation and product quality. The end result is that these so-called ergonomic chair products are indeed cheap, constantly plagiarized and imitated, and have been at the low end of the industrial chain for a long time. Just take Anji, the hometown of  cheap ergonomic chairs in China, as an example, there are nearly a thousand small and medium-sized enterprises, and most of their products are very cheap.

In recent years, there are also some excellent Chinese ergonomic chair brands, with the existing technology and production background, the pursuit of high cost performance.  For example, Hookay ergonomic chair, which is an middle to high ergonomic chair manufacturer in China since 2010, who win great reputation from the international market .

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Although there is a certain gap between product power and international front-line products, although we have no choice but to do it, it is also a pragmatic and smart approach based on the characteristics of our own enterprises.



In pursuit of upgrading the quality of ergonomic chairs and catching up with international top brands, some brands have come to the fore.

As Chinese enterprises continue to target and catch up with advanced international enterprises, some Chinese ergonomic chair industry brands have begun to devote themselves to quality upgrading. Standard international first-class standard development products, continue to enhance their own strength, promote the level of the industry, and constantly challenge the international first-tier brands


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