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Hookay supply ergonomic chairs for Huawei Guangzhou branch

Hookay supply ergonomic chairs for Huawei Guangzhou branch


Project name: Guangzhou Huawei branch

Project location: Guangzhou, China

Products:Executive Ergonomic chairs , task ergonomic chairs, ergonmic chairs for meeting room.



As a professional china manufacturer for ergonomic seatings, we have worked out many projects for many renowned company in China and overseas countries,such as Tech- Giant company Huawei , we are so proud that Huawei Guangzhou office use Hookay’s office chair.

Huawei is the world's leading provider of ICT solutions and one of the world's top 500 companies, who committed to realizing the future information society and building a better fully connected world. Guangzhou Huawei office is located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City. Hookay has created a comfortable and healthy office solution for it.

The tone of the whole space is unified in a whole, although it is varied, but it is still full of order. The partition of the desk is defined as vibrant green and young and lively orange, giving workers warm care and vitality when they are busy. The ergonomic chairs color match the partition well in the same color. You will be fully impressed by the dynamic space when you worked into the office.  Huawei choose Sail range for this projects.Sail range is Hookay’s most popular chairs, it has won the product design golden award in CIFF 2013, the design feature as below:

 Sail compromises art and technology , Sailhas elegant back curve and separate lumbar design,  , it is designed perfectly for those who need to seat in office for a long time, and a best selection for decent home office.  Since Sail has excellent performace, It beat several competitors and finally won this projects.

The manager's office of Huawei office adopts simple industrial style, complete functional combination, multi-level consideration of office needs, and uses geometric lines to interpret the flexible form and rich texture of the table group, which makes the executive office space more personalized. The manager;s office also use Sail range, but in black frame and black mesh.

Working with Hookay for seating solution for your projects, there are many advantages you can not miss.

Here listed some of them.

1. Hookay has been engaging in top ergonomic chairs in researching ,designing and manufacturing for more than 10 years, and it become one of the leader in good quality ergonomic chairs manufacturers in China. We have our own R&D team to do designing and testing to ensure that all the chairs manufactured are full of ergonomic features and in durable quality.

2. We have profound knowledge for seating solution, regardless of the size and layout of your projects, we can supply the best solution that will enhance your working efficiency and productivity, improving the health of your staffs.  We have 10 different ranges for your choice, no matter you need a good executive chair for the boss , or an economic working task chairs for staffs, or even a home office chair, here in Hookay you can find the most suitable one. 

3. Hookay offer 5 year warranty to ensure your buying without worries. We are dedicated to assist you to choose the best choice for your office without any risks.

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