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Hookay 2021 annual ceremony was held successfully in 6th,Feb,2021

Hookay 2021 annual ceremony was held successfully in 6th,Feb,2021


The Hookay 2021 annual ceremony of "New Hookay, New Goal, New Leap forward" was held successfully in the eve of 6th,Feb,2021, in Shi Er Dao seafood hotel in Nansha district, Guangzhou. Mr. Gu ,also General Manager of Hookay Office Furniture Co., Ltd., along with all the Hookay staff and Hookay’s esteemed suppliers attended the ceremony.


The annual ceremony is a beautiful, unforgettable splendid night full of joy and happiness with high spirit through the whole night.


First of all, Mr Gu, also General Manager of Hookay Office Furniture, came to the stage to deliver New year's greeting. Mr Gu looked back on the extraordinary achievements made by all the staff of Hookay in the year 2020.General manage Mr Gu said, although there are unfavorable factors such as the trade war and the Covid-19 epidemic, all members in Hookay have made great efforts to overcome many difficulties. Sales have doubled compared with last year. In terms of production, we try our best to stabilize the quality and actively ensure that the production capacity increases exponentially.  Then General manager Mr Gu looked forward to the new goals and new challenges for Hookay in 2021, and stressed out that everyone have to guard against arrogance and rashness, and all of us have to work even harder to make us stand out to become  the world class ergonomic chairs manufacturer. In the new year 2021, Hookay plans to expand the scale, and In 2021, Hookay plans to expand its scale to build a new factory base of more than 20,000 square meters in Zhongshan Triangle Town, in which will open up a new situation of sustained, steady and healthy development for Hookay office chair. Finally, Mr. Gu said that our production goal in 2021 is to realize semi-automation production while ensuring the stability of product quality and the steady growth of production capacity. The business goal is to open up new channels, seize new opportunities, make concerted efforts, and achieve new heights.


It is truth just as Mr Gu mentioned in his New year's greeting, Hookay could not achieve such great achievement without the efforts of all the employees and leaders , and then General manager Mr Gu, and deputy general manager Mr Chen jointly awarded the Outstanding employee Award and the Outstanding leader Award.


The programs for the ceremony was extremely wonderful, with a magnificent opening dance as majestic as the Spring Festival Gala, a band playing all kinds of beautiful songs, a magic show with belly laughter, a splendid dance, and so on. The whole party was full of songs, cheers and laughter, reflecting the passion and strength of Hookay team.


The highlight part that everyone is most looking forward to is lottery drawing for cash red envelopes, which are divided into six prizes, fifth prize, fourth prize, third prize, second prize, first prize, and special prize. With the birth of several lucky special prizes, the general manager Mr Gu and Ergomax Mr Lian awarded the special prize which pushed the atmosphere of the party to the best part. The winning rate of cash red envelop in this event was as high as 60%. those who did not win any prize will eventually receive a lucky prize as well.

Tonight, we drank and cheered with singing and laughter, and in a peaceful and warm atmosphere, we ended our annual meeting with a group photo of all the staff on stage. I would like to wish every employee a passionate and prosperity year in Hookay. "Hookay" in 2021 will be fruitful and booming.

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