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Why ergonomic chair become so popular after Covid-19?

Why ergonomic chair become so popular after Covid-19?


Have you noticed a new trending that ergonomic chair become very popular after Covid-19, when you login into a shopping platform in domestic or overseas platform, the ergonomic chair category is a hot items ever since the outbreak of covid-19 at the end of  2019.


Why this category become so hot and popular in a sudden?

In this article, let make a in depth study on this topic.


1.Working from home trending Stimulate the popularity of ergonomic chair

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A few days ago, a spokesman from Twitter said publicly that the policy of working from home will be continued. Coincidentally, Silicon Valley IT giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Meta have also announced similar decisions. According to the research institute, 60% of company executives said they would allow employees to work more telecommuting hours after the outbreak. Another report from McKinsey also shows that 38% of business leaders allow employees to telecommute more than two days a week.

All these data suggest that the use of a mixed corporate and home office model or 100% work from home may become the norm in the next few years.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, with the rising demand of consumers for the transformation of the home office environment, it has driven the growth of sales in the global office chair market. According to the forecast of forward-looking Industrial Research Institute, the global office chair market will continue to grow in the future, and the market size is expected to reach 32.9 billion US dollars by 2026.

The data of major e-commerce platforms also reflect this growth trend. The United States is one of the major consumers of office chairs in the world. On Amazon USA, "office chair" ranked second in the subcategory of office supplies in June, with 452583 searches. Although the growth rate has slowed down compared with 2020, in the long run, the category of office chairs still has broad prospects.

In addition to mature markets such as the US, office chairs are also selling well in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia. According to the official statistics of Lazada, from January to April this year, the consumption of household kitchen furniture increased by 60 per cent compared with the same period last year.

Such as ergonomic chairs that help people improve their work experience at home, and gaming chairs that strike a balance between office and entertainment comfort, are becoming the mainstream of consumption in this category.

In fact, it is not difficult to imagine that the office chair market continues to heat up. To work from home, it is inevitable to sit for a long time, and a comfortable chair is becoming a rigid demand for workers. On the basis of comfort, products that are ergonomically designed to help relieve muscle soreness caused by sedentary sitting are more likely to bring upgrading experience to consumers.

With the attention of consumers to the home office environment and the improvement of healthy office awareness, the demand for middle and high-end  chairs, such as ergonomic chairs, which are multi-functional, adjustable and stretchable to meet a variety of scenarios, is gradually increasing. According to Google trends, the global search for keywords related to "Ergonomic chair" has soared since the outbreak.

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 2.Spinal pain caused by prolonged sitting is becoming more and more common.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet and the popularity of work from home, the "sedentary people" are growing, and more and more employees need to finish their work in front of computers. The habit of many young people is to sit in front of the computer and fight continuously. Therefore, for a long time, there will be spine problem, backache, head and neck pain. Over time, all kinds of spinal diseases appeare.
The popularity of this phenomenon has led more and more people to find it more and more important to buy an ergonomic chair that can solve the problem of low back pain and spine. As a result, products such as ergonomic chairs suddenly become popular with the popularity of working from home phenomenon.

3. People pay more and more attention to  health concept.

With the development of economy, people never stop the pursuit of health and comfort. today in 2022, the concept of healthy and comfortable life is becoming more and more popular. Everyone has not stopped pursuing health and comfort, but products that can bring health and comfort to people's lives are becoming more and more popular.

In family life, people prefer to buy a very comfortable bed to improve the quality of sleep, so as to improve the quality of healthy life. Similarly, in office life, people also continue to pursue the health and comfort of office life. The design and popularity of ergonomic chairs solve the problem of sedentary spine pain and low back pain in office life, and improve the comfort of office life. Because we can see that the design of ergonomic chairs is becoming more and more comfortable, intelligent and healthy. Therefore, it is becoming more and more popular.



Data show that at present, the health industry in the United States accounts for more than 15% of GDP, while health industries in countries such as Canada and Japan account for more than 10% of GDP, while China's health industry accounts for only 4% and 5% of GDP. The next ten years will be the golden decade of the big health industry, and the needs of healthy office and comfortable life, which are closely related to people's life and work, will become one of the key points of the development of the big health industry.

In addition, the incidence of cervical spondylosis is increasing with the improvement of people's living environment and the change of style, especially for some office workers, because every day is a desk, a chair, a computer, long hours of improper sitting posture and working posture will lead to the incidence of cervical spondylosis, people gradually begin to pay attention to workplace health problems, as the concept of health further drives consumption upgrading. As well as domestic consumers' awareness of ergonomic products and the formation of consumption habits, the market demand for ergonomic products designed with ergonomic principles is increasing, and ergonomic chairs are popular overnight.

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4. Improve work efficiency.

The ergonomic chair is based on ergonomic design and generally has a high back. its S-shaped chair back design can naturally fit the chair back and the outline of the body, so as to better share the gravity from the lower part of the spine, thus giving comfortable support to the spine of the human body. to the greatest extent, it can alleviate the pressure caused by sitting for a long time and effectively slow down spinal injury. at the same time, compared with ordinary computer chairs, it also has the characteristics of sitting for a long time.


A good chair can not only bring employees a comfortable office experience, but also improve their work efficiency. Although a good chair is not cheap, the average useful life will reach five years or more. For a large company, it is a very cost-effective deal to give employees a comfortable environment to improve work efficiency.


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