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2022 the most comprehensive and detailed blog about how to evaluate your ergonomic chair.

2022 the most comprehensive and detailed blog about how to evaluate your ergonomic chair.




With the development of social economy, people are always in pursuing of  enjoying a very comfortable experience at any time.

Ergonomic chair, as a popular category in modern society,which provides a basic guarantee for the comfort, durability and adjustability during working.


People are designing and creating more comfortable ergonomic chairs to maximize the comprehensiveness of ergonomics. 


Finally, the ideal best ergonomic chair is designed out and present to you and me.


In this blog, we spent quite some time to give you a detailed and comprehensive information about all the parameters on evaluation of ergonomic chairs, hope it is useful for you to select your best ergonomic chairs.


It is highly recommended that you take 5 minutes to read the whole article so as to really understand why you should buy your ergonomic chairs based on the below recommended parameters.

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The best ergonomic chair standard



1. Comfort standard

Seat material:  saddle cushion with high quality mesh.
Seat depth:  480~600mm.
Seat height from the ground: 400~440mm.
Height between seat and desktop: controlled in 250~320mm.
Seat width: keep the distance between the seat and the thigh by two fingers.
Soft armrest which can rise and fall with rotating function/with footrest/

 Rising and falling headrest / Chair back adjustment /with lumbar support adjustment.


2. Durability standard.

Rotation mode with gaslift which can rise and fall/aluminum alloy chair castor with PU roller/Full mesh material/ Steel thickened explosion-proof  support base./Long warranty and good after-sales service.


3.  Applicability standard.

6D armrest plus 155-180 degree adjustable chair back/front to back and up and down adjustable lumbar support/gaslift rise and fall with sliding and rotating.
A good ergonomic chair needs good comfort, long durability, good adjustability and affordable price. Now we are analyzing from 4 aspects and 16 angles, please read the following.

news-2022 the most comprehensive and detailed blog about how to evaluate your ergonomic chair-Hookay




Comfort is mainly related to armrest, seat cushion, headrest, foot rest, whether it can rise and fall, chair back adjustment, lumbar support adjustment and so on.

Armrest mainly affect the comfort of elbows and arms.

Seat cushions and footrest affect the comfort of the buttocks and thighs.
Headrest, whether it can rise and fall, lumbar support adjustment and chair back adjustment affect the comfort of cervical vertebrae and head when leaning back.


Seat cushion


1.Seat cushion material


Mainly have foam seat cushion and mesh seat cushion


2  Seat cushion design.

(1) ordinary seat cushion.
(2 )U cushion with thick edge.
(3).Saddle cushion, which is different from the ordinary cushion, helps to strengthen the pressure relief function of sitting facing the buttocks, relieves the pain of the buttocks and numbness of the lower limbs after sitting for a long time, and promotes blood circulation when sitting.


3 seat cushion depth.

The depth of the seat should be appropriate.

If the seat is too deep, the back support point hangs in the air, causing the backrest to lose its function, and at the same time, the knee socket will be oppressed, making the calves feel numb.
If the seat is too shallow and the front of the thigh hangs in the air, all the weight will be pressed on the calf, so that the calf will soon be tired.
According to the study, the seat depth is slightly less than the horizontal length of the thigh when sitting, that is, seat depth = sitting depth-60mm, generally sitting depth = 480~600mm.


4 Seat cushion height from the ground.

General seat cushion off the ground height can be adjusted, when adjust the height of the seat, feet should be flat on the ground .

The sitting height = 400~440mm. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the height  between the seat and the desktop is controlled in 250~320mm.



5 Seat cushion width.

Keep two fingers wide between the seat cushion and the thigh.
The width of the seat cushion should not be too narrow, especially for some people with a large weight
IF cushion is too narrow,it is easy to cause thigh compression and numb



Armrest style

1. fixed armrest.
2. linkage armrest.
3. Rotatable lifting armrest.

Armrest can play a supporting role and play an important role in work and rest.
When choosing, it is best to choose lifting and rotating armrest , which can also reduce backache to a certain extent.
At the same time, the height of the armrest is 200~250mm, and the front end of the armrest  should be slightly higher.


 Armrest material.

Choose the armrest with strong adjustment, the armrest should be soft, the softer ,the more comfortable.


 Whether or not to go with footrest.
Generally speaking, footrest is used for a nap, which is suitable for people who need a lunch break.



 Whether to have a headrest

Headrest can not only play a supporting role when rest, and headrest is used to fit the spine, correct sitting posture, and reduce the pressure on the cervical vertebra.
So as to reduce neck pain and make people feel more comfortable.


Whether it can rise and fall.

The rise and fall of the chair determines the height of the chair, and the reasonable height gives people a more comfortable feeling.
At the same time, different ways of raising give different feeling experience to people.
The rise and fall is divided into rotary rise and fall, gaslift  rise and fall and gear rise and fall.

 Seat back adjustment.

Most people spend too much time working and studying at their desks so that they can't move freely.
Therefore, the comfort of the chair backrest should be very high, the backrest can bring people waist, back and other parts of the comprehensive relaxation, let people have a sense of dependence.
Reasonable curve design of the back of the chair can really bring people physical relaxation.


Lumbar support  adjustment.

(1) Lumbar and back all-in-one style, pay attention to support.
(2) lumbar - back separated style, paying attention to comfort.
(3) Mesh support style , paying attention to wrapping.
Height and weight are different, the same chair, different people will have different feelings and comfort.
Especially for the petite and heavy people.

news-Hookay Chair-2022 the most comprehensive and detailed blog about how to evaluate your ergonomicDurability.


The service life of an ergonomic chair is mainly determined by its lifting mode, chair foot material, fabric material, chair style and mechanism material.
The wear speed of each part is determined by its quality, and the higher the quality, the stronger the durability.

1. Lifting mode.
rotation up and down.
This is a kind of mechanical lifting, that is, the lifting mode is realized by different height holes and chair screws on the back bar of the chair.
This method appeared on the market many years ago and gradually died out after some time.

2 Gaslift rise and fall.

Mainly divided into air pressure or hydraulic lift, this way is no stranger to everyone
Mainly use gaslift, gaslift rise and fall generally have SGS, TUV certification, BIFMA,etc.
Mainly depends on whether there is an international safety certification , for those which have such certification,you do not have to worry about safety issues.



3.Gear up and down.
You can lift one gear and release it to fix, but there are some limitations  as well..

2.Chair foot material.

(1 )chair foot.

Generally there are electroplated steel chair feet and aluminum alloy chair feet, aluminum alloy chair feet have stronger load-bearing capacity.


⑵ Castor.

It is divided into PU castor and universal castor. The outer surface of the roller is made of PU, which is flexible, smooth and relatively mute, and is friendly to the floor.


3. Fabric material.

It is generally divided into mesh surface, leather surface, mesh surface and combined material.
From the point of view of cleanliness and air permeability, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.
The leather is convenient for cleaning, and  the mesh surface have better permeability.



4.  Chair style.

The main contents are as follows: 1 mainly divided into swivel chair, bow chair and four-legged chair.
The difference lies in the design of the support column and whether it can be rotated.
From the stability point of view: four-legged chair > bow chair > swivel chair.
But the swivel chair is the best for the convenience of moving.

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5.  Mechanism material.

Generally, the steel thickened explosion-proof mechanism is used to support it.



6.  After-sale service.

The after-sales service of an ergonomic chair is also very important. generally speaking, the ergonomic chair brand will provide a warranty ranging from 3 to 15 years, which can be replaced for free.
 The longer the warranty, the longer the durability of the ergonomic chair.
It is very important to choose a reliable brand so as to enjoy perfect after-sales warranty service.





Ergonomic chairs should also be adjustable, and the more adjustable parts, the better.
The back of the chair, waist pillow, lifting adjustment, the height of the armrest, whether it can slide and rotate can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.
Generally speaking, the more adjustable the ergonomic chair is, the more it can meet the specific needs of the population.


1.  Armrest adjustment.

Armrest adjustment can be divided into 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D by dimension.
The stronger the adjustment of the armrest, the higher the effect, especially for the people who need to work in front of the computer for a long time. 3D/4D is the best.
(1) 1D: fixed armrest.
(2) 2D: move up and down and back and forth.
(3) 3D: moving up and down, back and forth, and angle adjustment.
(4) 4D: move up and down, move back and forth, and adjust angle and shift.



2. Seat back adjustment.

(1) Adjustment mode.

It is mainly divided into front and back adjustment, up and down adjustment.


(2) Rotation angle.

The angle of rotation of the seat back is generally divided into 90-120 degrees, 120-155 degrees, 155-180 degrees.
The greater the angle of rotation, the stronger the adjustability. Through adjustment, it is in line with the natural state of the human spine, so as to achieve the purpose of ergonomics.


3.  Lumbar support adjustment.

(1) lumbar support classification.
There are mainly lumbar-back integrated type, lumbar-back separation type, and mesh support type.

(2) Regulation mode.
It is also divided into adaptive adjustment, front and back adjustment and upper and lower adjustment.
A suitable waist pillow can give enough support to the waist, so that our lumbar vertebrae are not prone to injury and sore

(3) Regulation mode.
It is divided into adaptive adjustment, front and back adjustment and upper and lower adjustment.
A suitable waist pillow can give enough support to the waist, so that our lumbar vertebrae are not prone to injury and sore.

4. Whether it can be sliding.

Whether the ergonomic chair can slide will affect the handling, and the sliding ergonomic chair handling can save a lot of physical strength.

5. Whether it can be rotated or not.
The rotatable ergonomic chair is also more convenient to turn around, and it can rotate 360 degrees without moving, which also shows that it is highly adjustable.


6. Dimensions and weight.

The size is mainly  referring to big weight group.
The second is for some small size group around 150cm, as well as tall ones above 180cm.
For those guys, you should generally pay attention to the height of the back of the chair, the width of the cushion, and the load-bearing capacity of the chair.

The height of the general seat back design is suitable for 155-180cm people.
People with a large weight base also need to choose cushions a little wider.
The weight of ergonomic chair is generally above 20kg.


A variety of different materials affect the price of the ergonomic chairs, including chair foot material, fabric material, mechanism material, and gaslift material.

Moreover, the ergonomic chair also needs a large number of experimental tests to achieve satisfactory results, and requires a lot of research and development costs.

Based on the service life of the material and the product price, the performance-to-price data of the ergonomic chair will be obtained.


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