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Are Gaming Chairs Worth it? Should I Buy One?

Are Gaming Chairs Worth it? Should I Buy One?


Recently, I have seen a lot of questions about whether the gaming chair is worth buying  or not . After studying the major gaming chair brands and related configuration parameters, I  am now writing  this article to discuss on this topic.



The contents


1.What is a gaming chair?
2. Is the gaming chair worth buying?
3. how to choose the suitable gaming chair?

1.What is a gaming chair?


There's nothing particularly unique about gaming chairs, except the style. Sure, you'll find everything from gaming armchairs to gaming chairs that bring you down close to the floor and everything in between. But these days, the term "gaming chair" tends to denote a specific type of office chair with a leather or faux-leather build, a high-back race car-style seat and colorful patterns.

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2.Is the gaming chair worth buying?


Many people are arguing that buying gaming chairs is to pay intelligent business tax. What exactly is intelligent business tax?


For example, if you are watching a brand gaming chair live broadcasting by a celebrity and you buy immediately.
For example, you found that your friends buy a gaming chair, and you buy it without consideration and evaluation only because your friend buy one, but a few days later you find it is inappropriate, you are regretting on this behaviour, I think these can be regarded as IQ tax.


In fact, it is not difficult to judge whether the gaming chair bought are subject to intellectual business tax:

Try to do your homework before you buy.
Judge for yourself whether to recognize its value or not


That's all, whether you buy it or not, you can learn more about gaming chairs after reading this article.


First of all, I will list the shortcomings of gaming chair for you to calm down before placing an order.


For those guys with lumbar, shoulder and neck problems are not recommended to buy gaming chairs. Almost all gaming chairs will advertise themselves as ergonomic chairs, but this is actually his core weakness. I do not deny that professional gaming chairs contain some ergonomic design elements, but it is difficult for me to recognize it as a qualified ergonomic chair.

The ergonomic chair has an adjustable lumbar support, while the gaming chair often does not have , at most, it goes with a cushion

Ergonomic chairs have adjustable headrests, while gaming chairs often do not have.

The ergonomic chair has a back that matches the curve of the spine, while the gaming chair is often designed with a straight plate.
Ergonomic chairs can support seat depth adjustment, while gaming chairs often do not.

For those guys with big weight who have a wide body and are especially afraid of heat are not recommended to buy gaming chairs.

In addition to the defects in ergonomic design, the most serious complaint about the gaming chair is the poor air permeability, especially the PU leather material, if you are sitting and sweating, you will feel that your ass is glued to it. Big weight guys need to pay special attention to it.

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 Gaming chairs advantages:


Comfortable experience: gaming chairs are more comfortable than ordinary office chair, especially the adjustment of the armrest and the wrapping of the back of the chair are often better, what is wrapping feeling? Imagine the feeling of having a little girl around your lumbar. But no matter how the gaming chair advertise , the comfort of gaming chairs is not as good as professional ergonomic computer chairs. As for saying that gaming chairs can cure pain here and there, just ignore it ~ don't take it too seriously.


Collection hobby: when you have a lot of gaming equipment, such as e-sports mechanical keyboard, mechanical mouse, IPS display, HIFI headphones and so on, when you look at the uncoordinated office chair, you feel unhappy. All you need is an professional gaming chair to achieve the achievement of "gaming equipment Collection Master".



. Appearance: compared with the black / white / gray boring color of the ergonomic computer chair, whether it is color matching or modeling, it is more beautiful and interesting, and more in line with the taste of youth and fashion.

Let's go back to the two main problems mentioned earlier:


1. For guys with lumbar, shoulder and neck problems, it is more appropriate to start with an ergonomic chair for long-term health.
But not all people need an ergonomic chair. If you don't have a problem with your lumbar, shoulders and neck, you can buy an gaming chair you like.
2. With regard to the poor air permeability of gaming chairs, you should at least have an air conditioner and then consider to  buy a gaming chairs, right? 

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3.how to choose the suitable gaming chair?


If you are still determined to buy an gaming chair finally, instead of continuing to persuade you to quit, you should study how to choose


Tip1: Do not choose three non-manufacturers, and choose small manufacturers carefully, do not be greedy for small bargains, this is too important, keep in mind that this one can eliminate many invisible pits


 Tip2: the filled foam must be a native foam, and  the integrated foam sponge is preferred. Be careful for the recycled sponge, it may have a bad smell or even toxin, and the sitting feeling is poor, and it is more likely to deform.


Tip3: As for the gaming chair leather surface technology, there should be no obvious peeling or wrinkling, and the leather itself should not have obvious peculiar smell.

 Tip4: the back angle of the chair is about 135 degree. You don't have to pursue anything like 170° or even 180°. Use it as little as possible. On the one hand, it may cause people to turn upside down because of the center of gravity. On the other hand, is it comfortable to have a bed or sofa in a good chair?


 Tip5: in terms of armrest , it is preferred to support height adjustment. If the height of the table is consistent, the elbows will be more comfortable.

Tip6: in terms of safety, key words such as level 3 SGS/BIFMA/TUV pressure bar / thickened base / thickened steel plate


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