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3 steps on how to choose ergonomic chair suitable for you

3 steps on how to choose ergonomic chair suitable for you


As we all know there are a large number of ergonomic mesh office chair blog or articles on the Internet, and you can find out  a lot of ergonomic chair reviews on google . Some articles are very instructive and informative, but some articles may be misleading.As a consumers,you are suggested to carefully identify all kinds of different information, based on your own needs and characteristics to find the best ergonomic office chair. 


This article guides you to how to choose and buy the suitable ergonomic office chair for you .

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There are 3 steps.


The first step :Requirements.


First of all, it is necessary to clarify the demand of ergonomic chairs, because different requirement determine the focus for purchasing.


 1. For those office staffs who seat for long hours

This group  needs to focus on the hip support, thigh support and lumbar support of the ergonomic chair, because the determination of sedentary comfort and time mainly depends on the above three aspects. Generally speaking, if you choose a mesh cushion, the mesh material must be with high quality , otherwise sitting for a long time will cause numbness in the thighs. In addition, if the mesh material is not good enough, the comfort experience will be not good enough, and it is not conducive to long-term use.

Secondly, choose the style with good lumbar support design,  if you are in  pursuit of comfort it is better to choose a chair with dynamic separated lumbar support which can support your low back well for extended period of time.



2. For student dormitory use.

If you use the ergonomic desk chair for a long time, such as playing games and watching movies, please refer to the previous one. If you don't use it for a long time, you don't have to think too much about support and comfort, just choose hte one you like based on your budget.



 3. For those suffering from lumbar disease and cervical vertebra disease.

If you suffer from lumbar disease, the lumbar needs to have special support to avoid excessive stress, which requires you to choose a good ergonomic chair with a more obvious sense of waist. In addition, the material of mesh  needs to be considered carefully, which has a great impact on lumbar support. For those suffering from lumbar diseases, the back of the chair mesh should not be too tight and too hard, and it is appropriate to be soft and flexible.

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4. study room or conference room use.


As it may use in the short time, there is no need to consider its ergonomic design, mainly considering that its appearance is consistent with the decoration style of the study and conference room.

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The second step : Budget



This is very critical, because the use of ergonomic chairs varies greatly from price to price.

Cheap ergonomic chairs (those with a price of less than $200) is generally ordinary, and ergonomic design is not so good, which is suitable for those who have a cheap budget and do not use it for a long time.


Most of the medium-priced ergonomic chairs (priced between $200 and $500) are excellent in ergonomic design and adjustability. compared with the low price, they have a qualitative improvement and can meet the daily basic needs for working and learning.



The brand ergonomic chair ($500-800) has little difference in sitting feeling, mainly in terms of materials, adjustability and features, and the overall experience has been greatly improved. If you are in pursuit of quality and cost performance, it is recommended to choose the brand ergonomic chair.



The famous-brand ergonomic chair (more than 800 US dollars) is perfect in sitting feeling, comfort and support, and can be used for a long time without fatigue. The main players in this price range are foreign brand Okamura, herman miller, etc., Those ergonomic chairs are more suitable for those with higher income and who are in pursuit of better quality.


In a word, if you sit for a long time, try to choose an ergonomic chair at or above the medium price,  it will never lose money to get a good chair in the long run.



The third step : body size.



If you have a standard size, you don't have to worry too much. All styles of ergonomic chairs are applicable.


Overweight group (> 90KG), it is recommended to choose foam seat cushions, mesh cushions may cause thigh numbness and pain.


Taller group (> 180cm), better to choose the style with adjustable back height, because most ergonomic chairs on the market is suitable for size 175cm-180cm. If it is not suitable, it will cause the shoulder to often touch the headrest.

Secondly, choose a style with adjustable sitting depth, which can prevent long-legged friends from hanging over their thighs, causing discomfort.


Shorter one (< 160cm), in terms of chair height, most ergonomic chairs on the market are adjusted to the lowest height, which can basically meet the needs of low-height friends. Shorter partners need to focus on headrest height and armrest height. Most of the headrest height on the market can not meet the height of people who are lower than 155cm, and the armrest will be on the high side. There are very few styles that can solve this problem, so we need to choose and buy this kind of ergonomic chair which is suitable for small people.



Other essentials tips.




When buying an ergonomic chair, you must pay attention to the safety issues, such as the safety certification of the gaslift. A simple way to identify the gaslift is to check whether the gaslift has logo and parameters, and whether it has passed the safety certification for example ,SGS Safety Certification.




Comfort is not a rigid parameter standard, because everyone's body perception parameters are different. Most qualified ergonomic chairs can adapt to the natural form of the human body and effectively protect the health of the spine.





Compared with the ordinary office chair, the height and depth of the ergonomic chair can be adjusted, the back of the ergonomic chair can better fit our spine and cervical vertebra by adjusting the angle, and everyone can find the most suitable angle. All ergonomic chairs are adjustable.



The ergonomic chair can support the head, neck, back, lumbar and elbows. As a result, the pressure on the spine and lumbar vertebrae can be reduced to the maximum



Headrest design.


Looking at the design of the head support, the headrest design is curved three-dimensional, with lifting and rotation 3D adjustable function, so that the cervical vertebrae can be adjusted to naturally fit the headrest to better protect the head and relieve the cervical vertebra.



Back design.

The best support position for the lumbar is at the third and fourth vertebrae, and it is best to choose a good ergonomic chair and chair back with adjustable height, so that you can easily meet the needs of different (height) users and reduce lumbar strain.




Lumbar support design.


A good ergonomic chair will be designed to imitate the lumbar of the human body and fit the lumbar support. Dynamic lumbar support can adjust the curvature of the back to relax, more comfortable fit to the lumbar and back, relax the lumbar muscles, relieve pain.


Armrest design.

Some adjustable armrest can not only adjust the height, but also adjust the angle, so that the hand and the table can carry on the transition more smoothly, give reasonable support to the arm, wrist and other parts, so as to reduce the discomfort of the arm.





For the mesh  of the ergonomic desk chair, it is suggested to choose the breathable high woven mesh  +  wire control mechanism + anti-skid chair wheel, etc.

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