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How to choose an ergonomic office chair for girls with small and short statue

How to choose an ergonomic office chair for girls with small and short statue


What Is Ergonomics


In essence, ergonomic desk chair should fit the shape of the human body  when they are used as a tool. If people keep their posture in a natural state, then they can reduce the fatigue caused by the use of tools. At present, the standard of ergonomic chair has not been standardized, each manufacturer has its own system for marketing, but they will abide by the essence, which is to make you sit comfortably and reduce fatigue at the same time.


To put it simply, the ergonomic office chair fits the curve of the human spine, which can effectively support the physiological curve of the lumbar and cervical vertebrae under the premise of sitting comfortably, so as to reduce the injury caused by sitting for a long time. Then you may doubt, I'm still young, actually spine problems  have little to do with age. Your fatigue and annual physical examination reports are the best indications that lumbar and cervical vertebra problems are irreversible. However, at present, most of the ergonomic office chairs on the market are designed for those with average weight and height. As girls who is not tall, are there any special points to pay attention to?


 How can girls with short  and small statue choose a suitable ergonomic office chair?


Girls, especially with small and slim statue, may encounter the following problems.

(1) the seat is too high. When the feet are suspended when sit down, the feet will hang in the air, and the short-legged girls can not reach the ground directly.

(2) the lumbar does not fit well enough. It is often necessary to order another pillow at the waist, because the original position of the pillow does not fit the upper body structure

(3) the distance between armrest  is too wide. As girls' shoulders are generally narrower than boys', and most ergonomic chairs are designed based on average man, girls often place their elbows unnaturally, even without substantial support.

(4) the lumbar resistance is too large, and the adjustment is not flexible enough. For short, underweight girls, every time they sit in an ergonomic chair, they need to find a focal point and fall back hard in order to achieve the adjustment of lumbar support, but this process is more difficult

(5) the headrest is too high. This problem is essentially the same as the problem of lumbar support, which is caused by the different physical parameters of men and women.

There are not so many ergonomic chairs specifically designed for girls with short statue.


This is a gender issue left over from history, resulting in women's low attention to ergonomic office chairs. Nowadays, most ergonomic chairs are designed for men, and few of them are specially designed for women. Even when people around us mention ergonomic chairs, they subconsciously think that they are exclusive to men.

In order to solve the problems encountered by these small women, in this blog let’s  specifically discusses how to choose and buy a suitable ergonomic chairs for girls.

news-How to choose an ergonomic office chair for girls with small and short statue-Hookay Chair-img 

How To Choose An Ergonomic office Chair For Girls?

When you try to sit on your boyfriend or husbands’ ergonomic office chair, you may feel it is not comfortable. You may find the ergonomic task chairs too deep, especially for short and slim girls, the legs  are suspended, the lumbar is in vain, and the back of the chair is too high and the neck cannot fit the neck. It was mentioned earlier that ergonomic chairs should reduce fatigue under the premise of comfort and if use inappropriate ergonomic chairs, you will not feel comfortable. So regular ergonomic chairs are of little use to short and slim women! However, at present, most of the ergonomic chairs on the market are designed for men, and the overall design is very large for them! Therefore, female friends should pay attention to the following points when choosing and buying ergonomic chairs.


1. Try to choose big brands with different sizes


2. Brand manufacturer not only have guaranteed quality, but also have strong R & D strength. 

Chairs of different sizes are developed by them through the accumulation of a large amount of raw data, and the main purpose of the brand is to open up the female market. So the design of parameters will be more suitable for girls. Products of the same small size are also recommended to compare the details, such as how many centimeters can be adjusted to the lowest sitting height of the chair, and the size of the sitting depth can be compared with the chair at home. Small and short person must choose the one with the lowest data.


3. Pay attention to whether the back of the chair is separated and whether the headrest can be rotated.

Having enough support is the most necessary feature for ergonomic office task chairs, but even for girls, everyone's height and figure are not the same. Some ergonomic mesh task chair have an integrated back, and the waist of the one-piece chair is locked. In order to cater to the standardization of most user parameters,it is difficult to adapt to girls of different sizes, it is recommended to choose chairs with separate chairs, which are adaptive to the waist. No matter what type of sitting position you are, no matter whether your figure ratio is 50-50 or 4-6, you can do your best to fit your waist. The front and rear position of the headrest part also needs to be paid attention to, if the headrest is too close to the front and shoulder, the back of the headrest will hang in the air; if the headrest is too close to the back, it will not be able to support the neck, so it is recommended to choose a headrest that can be adjusted up and down and can be rotated.

4. Recommended to choose the mesh material

Although the size can be distinguished before purchase, and chairs with separate backs can be screened out, the ultimate value of a chair still takes several months of actual experience to rate its satisfaction ratio.  So , when buying ergonomic computer chairs, it is recommended to choose the seats made of mesh material directly. Although the comfort is not as good as that of sponges, the permeability of the mesh material is very good. The breathable seats are not only less sweat stains on the pants, but also super friendly for women during their periods! And the resilience of the mesh surface is very difficult to stay, and the mesh material is definitely the best in terms of service life.

Sum Up Some Key Points In The Purchase Of Girls' Ergonomic Chairs For Girls Which Is Small And Slim

1, the understanding of the chair can not stay on the surface, do not ignore the important function of a chair because it is good-looking. We need to take a closer look at the parameters of the product, combined with our own personal parameters (height, weight, etc.), and then choose and buy chairs. Popularly speaking, we have to choose a chair that suits us, not to adapt to a new chair.

2.  Many people think that expensive  chair is a waste of money and is not cost-effective. But I can tell you it is worth the price since it is useful for your health. Don't let your body suffer the consequences in order to save a little money.

3. There are plenty of choices for ergonomic chairs on the market, and it is  very difficult for us to see the  real user feedback on the internet . If you want to see real feedback, it is better to test it by yourself. Search the nearby offline store to sit and test it by yourself, and try to get your own sense of sitting experience.



Hookay Vision Chair Designed Specifically For Girls With Small And Short Statue

 news-How to choose an ergonomic chair for girls with small and short statue-Hookay Chair-img

1. Design Feature 

Vision ergonomic task chair is designed by Hookay designer as a high-end office task chair for woman or short person which delivers superb ergonomic value and flexibility;Elegant back curve is a symbol of grace. With distinctive look, Vision ergonomic task chair is a perfect solution for business space and organization. Dynamic variable headrest give all-round comfort supporting to neck and head automatically and make motion according to head’s weight, left and right, backward to forward.  Separate lumbar supporting  embodies excellent ergonomic design. 


 news-How to choose an ergonomic chair for girls with small and short statue-Hookay Chair-img


2.Styling and looking

As mentioned, Vision ergonomic mesh task chair is designed mostly for woman and some shorter person. The style is of course more Stylish & Feminine than other chairs. First, the chair looks smaller than other chairs because most women are shorter and slimmer than man. You could imagine if a slim woman sit in a big chair, the woman can not feel comfortable and can not enjoy all the ergonomic features the chair have. Vision chair ‘s size is suitable for such group of people. Second, the vision chair has a elegant shape which is full of fashion and glamour. Looking the side and the back of the chair, the curve look like a dancer which is rising and dancing in a happy mood. This styling is much more attractive to woman.

 news-Hookay Chair-img

3.Color setting

For other ergonomic office task chairs, Black frame with black mesh or grey mesh is a classic combination. But for ladies, sometimes such classic combination looks a little boring and rigid. Ladies prefer more colorful and vivid combination because women to some extent do not stick to the stereotype, they prefer to be colorful. For Vision chair, beautiful white frame is the best choice, white color frame can match any mesh color well,mix match other colorful mesh color is a perfect choice. It looks more vivid and pure. That is to say, when you choose Vision chair, you can form your own color combination with your own personality, any mesh color probably should be OK, will not make mistake in color. It is more flexible in terms of color combination. Therefore, with such color combination, women can make their office or home office more colorful.




As talked in above,the original intention of the design vision chair is specially for woman, therefore, the size is not as big as other chairs. The height and depth of the chair is smaller t than other chair.

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