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Material selection guideline for ergonomic chair

Material selection guideline for ergonomic chair



The comfort of ergonomic chair is closely related to the material selection of its cushion, backrest and other key parts. You can directly feel the comfort by your self when you are sitting on the chairs.


 Ergonomic chairs are made of different materials for different people.

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There are two main categories.

Foam and mesh ,however, there are more subdivisions, and the comfort we sit on is largely affected by such material. To choose an ergonomic chair, you have to choose the material that meets the needs of your body shape, so as to ensure its comfort.






The mesh material’s characteristic is excellent air permeability performance, with different wire density and different elasticity, and it is divided into low elastic mesh  and high elastic mesh ,the high elastic mesh have better  air permeability but with poor support, on the contrary, the low elastic mesh have better support but poor air permeability performance.


1.low elastic mesh

The pros : Good support and easy to take care.


The cons: the sitting feeling is very hard.


Suitable for those: people who are heavier and prefer harder sitting feeling.


Representative ergonomic chair: Aeron

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2.High elastic mesh

The pros:  soft and  excellent air permeability 

The cons:The support is not as good as high elastic mesh with small density mesh gap, so the big weight people will feel a sense of pressure.

Suitable for those:  People with small weight and prefer soft sitting feeling.


Representative ergonomic chair: World

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World ergo chair you will have a soft sitting feeling but have obvious elasticity, and its small design is more suitable for small people to use who will feels like sitting on thin cushions



Foam material



The ergonomic chair with foam material is relatively soft and solid, for those with big weight will feel a sense of secure on it.


1. Plain foam

The pros: cheaper and soft

The cons: easy to collapse and poor comfort.


Recommend to those with small budget and use it for a short time.


The cheap ergonomic chair may use plain form covered with fabric.

2.Memory foam

Memory foam is in frequently use as

The pros: more comfortable and can share more body weight.

The Cons: easy to get dirty and not easy to take care and have poor air permeability 

Recommended to those: Big weight and tend to use it for a long time.






There are real leather and Pu leather, and pu leather is in frequently use.


Real leather

The pros: high end and high quality and easy to clean and take care.


The cons: expensive, very expensive and require regular maintenance . It is afraid of water and it is easy to break under careless use.


Frequently use in CEO office , boss executive chair and study room

Recommend  to those rich people



A kind of high-end ergonomic chair that Apple CEO Cook uses in his office seat. It doesn't need to be adjusted. It will feel the gravity of the body and change its support.

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Pu leather

The pros: middle price and in good quality , easy to clean and take care


The cons: relatively poor air permeability 


Usually used in task ergonomic chair, and in home office .


Recommend to those who are in pursuit of  the ratio of performance to price

Pu leather is seldom used in the ergonomic chair seat cushion because its poor air permeability , it is normally used in headrest, armrest .



Combination of mesh and foam.




Most of the well-known ergonomic chair brands are made of combined material, that is, the combination of mesh, foam and leather. The advantage of the combined material is to give more appropriate support for different parts.

Ergonomic chairs mostly use the combination of foam cushion and mesh backrest, such a combination for the back and seat which can give the corresponding and correct support, the back is more fit, the cushion is more stable and feel a sense of security.





The pros: Soft  seat and wrapped backrest which have excellent support


The cons: the single-layer high elastic mesh back will be a little lack of support.


Zody is a cost-effective ergonomic chair with a good sense of wrapping in the backrest mesh material. The unique PLA asymmetrical waist support and sacral support can independently adjust the support strength on both sides of the waist.


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Mesh+ leather



Normally it is a combination of leather seat cushion+mesh backrest+leather armrest


The pros: easy to clean and take care

The cons: poor air permeability

Representative ergonomic chair: Think


There are 12 supporting strips on the back that fit the spine accurately, but although the leather cushion is more textured, it is not suitable for us who sit for more than 8 hours. It is especially easy to be stuffy.



Foam + leather


The pros: Back support is good, cushions are easy to take care of.

The cons:The air permeability is not good, the sitting feeling is not good.

The combination of foam and leather is relatively uncommon, and most of them are the combination of the inner core of the foam and the leather seat surface, and the leather cushion is easy to wrinkle after being used for a long time, and its heat dissipation is weaker than that of other mesh  




Full mesh , foam, or mesh + foam are the most commonly used materials for ergonomic chairs, which are applicable to various body shapes and heights.

For the people with  large size and high weight, the foam ergonomic chair is more suitable , as good load-bearing is not easy to appear a sense of pressure, if you like the mesh, you should choose the material of low-elastic mesh.

For those with small size and small weight, foam and mesh can be chosen, as long as you pay attention to the ergonomic chair size  which is suitable for you.

For those with moderate figure and weight it depends on your personal preference. I personally recommend the combination of mesh and foam. If you like the soft sitting feeling, use foam or high elastic mesh, and choose low elastic full mesh if it is harder.

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