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What are the points to be considered while designing an office chair?

What are the points to be considered while designing an office chair?


Ergonomic furniture has attracted more and more attention in our modern life. Through the study of excellent ergonomic chair brands in the US and West, we can conclude that designing a good ergonomic chair is not only based on the data but also have to consider some other important factors. The principle of office chair design is through the angle of health to design the shape and curve of the chair based on people's physiological condition, fatigue measurement and so on. Let's check the points to consider when designing an ergonomic office chair.

The curve of the office chair is mainly based on whether the curve of the cushion and backrest is consistent with the physiological curve of the person. There are two main views on backrest:

One is without a backrest so that people will naturally maintain a back upright position to reduce back pressure, but this view is not very popular because it is impossible to maintain an upright posture for a long time. The second is that it is now generally believed that you need to rely on your back. Nowadays, people will no longer sit straight in the chair, they will take various positions, and the backrest gives them a chance to rest and relax their muscles, but the real relaxation depends on whether the curve design of the back of the office chair is reasonable.
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Second, the specific size and proportion of the chair design, according to its different functions, based on the anthropomorphic data and the national issued size standards, constantly test the high-speed and reasonable selection of numerical values in order to meet the requirements of scientific design. For most designers and manufacturers, determining the appropriate furniture size and proportion is the first step in making ergonomic office furniture, and it is also an extremely important step, because furniture length, width, height, and the spatial relationship formed by the placement of furniture are inseparable from the human body size and its measurement data.

However, it is impossible for small enterprises to measure a large amount of data when designers design office furniture. Without professional equipment and specialized surveying professional personnel, the data is unscientific and unreliable, and manufacturers do not have much time and energy to spend on data measurement. Therefore, designers should have the ability to make good use of the existing authoritative data, and according to the actual situation, on the basis of the obtained data, should use these existing data flexibly and make appropriate modifications and adjustments.

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Only design ergonomic chairs wholeheartedly can design really good ergonomic office furniture. 


Mastering the principles of human body size and proportion design mainly starts from the following aspects:

1. Understand the standard data.
2. Be good at using anthropometric data in design.
3. Learn update size data

We get the measured size for the data not only can be used flexibly but also take into account its progress with the times. Everything in the world is not immutable, it will evolve and change. Therefore, the measurement data will also change with the changes of the times and social culture. Therefore, if you do not know how to use data reasonably, understand the nature of the use of ergonomic data, and only use it mechanically, it will be counterproductive.

Third, the real ergonomic office furniture must pay attention to the detailed design of each part of the office chair.
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Famous foreign designers attach great importance to the details of the office chair, that is, the "millimeter effect". In their view, the difference of a few millimeters will bring different comfort to the chair, as we can see, the value of the data is often in a range, if the value is random and error exists, then the final size and proportion of the designed chair may be not the perfect one. This is why masters and designers strive for excellence in the selection and testing of data.

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