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Selecting Ergonomic Executive Chair -4 Points You Can Not Ignore

Selecting Ergonomic Executive Chair -4 Points You Can Not Ignore


If you analyze how much time of the day you spend in an office chair, you would be surprised! With an 8-hour shift, 40 hours a week, it is almost 1900 hours over the course of a year, you spend in a chair. We can easily say that a large portion of a person’s life is spent in an office chair. It is even more important than a bed. If we spend more time in front of the computer than we spend sleeping, it is important to choose best executive office chair for your office.

Here listed 4 points you can not ignore in choosing quality ergonomic executive chairs.

1. Lumbar support

Nobody would doubt that lumbar support for an ergonomic executive chair is the core to judge it is a good or poor one. Poor office chairs do not have the same lumbar fitting mechanism as a good ergonomic chair, you will feel uncomfortable especially with extra hours working with poor quality chairs. After some time, the healthy problems for the spine accrued.

Solving the lumbar strain is the first element for a good executive chair, relieve fatigue after long hours of seating, fitting your body perfectly. With these problems solved, the working efficiency would be improved. In addition, different people would have different sizes, weights, so you should choose the best executive office chair with lumbar support. The chair should have a good lumar support adjustment, for example, up and down adjustment, front and back adjustment. Only with such function and design, can the ergonomic chair be a good one and have the best support.

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2. Adjustment

The other most important adjustment for an executive office chair with the ergonomic feature is a seat-pan depth adjustment. This adjust-ability avoids the problem of individuals sitting too far back or too far forward in their chairs.  A person of larger stature requires more seat-pan length, and a person of smaller stature requires less.  A person of smaller stature who sits on a long seat pan will experience pressure behind the knees, or will not benefit from the chair’s back support if he sits on the edge of the chair.  A person of larger stature who sits on a short seat-pan length will have inadequate support of the thighs causing higher contact pressure.

An ergonomic executive chair should be highly adjustable to fit the user's body and personal preferences. The more adjustability options available, the better the chances of finding the right fit for your body.

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3. Material

The third point we will talk about is the material. The best executive office chair should have high-quality padding in both the seat and backrest to provide comfort during long periods of sitting. Additionally, breathable materials can help prevent overheating and reduce discomfort caused by sweating.

Most of the ergonomic chairs are designed with mesh, which is very popular, mesh has three main types on the market: Matrex in the United States, Wintex in South Korea and domestic brand mesh. Among them, Matrex mesh and Wintex mesh can pass 100000 vertical strong shocks, while domestic mesh will break because of different manufacturers' 60,000-80000 strong shocks, so the quality can be seen: Matrex mesh > Wintex mesh > domestic mesh.

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4. Brand Reputation and Reviews

When selecting an ergonomic executive chair, be sure to research the brand's reputation and read reviews from other customers. Look for feedback on comfort, adjustability, durability, and customer service to make an informed decision.



In conclusion, since the ergonomic office chair is so important in our life and there are so many points which need to pay attention to before you buy one, it is the best to collect more information and compare carefully and to get the most comfortable and suitable chair for you to make your life better. 

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