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Fly Unique Design Luxury Ergonomic Executive Chair With Footrest RFYM01

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product-Hookay Chair-img-1
Fly Unique Design Luxury Ergonomic Executive Chair With Footrest RFYM01
Ergonomic Office Chair With Footrest
An ergonomic executive chair with footrest is designed to provide optimal comfort and support for individuals in managerial or executive positions. This executive office chair can promotes proper posture, reduces strain on the body, and enhances productivity during long hours of work. The inclusion of a footrest further elevates its functionality by allowing users to stretch their legs and maintain a relaxed position while seated.
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Product Introduction

The ergonomic executive chair with footrest is a remarkable piece of furniture that seamlessly combines comfort and functionality. Designed with the utmost consideration for user's well-being, Fly series ergonomic chair with footrest RFYM01 have many features that make it an absolute delight to sit in. The ergonomically contoured backrest provides optimal support to the spine, promoting good posture and reducing strain on muscles. Its adjustable height mechanism makes it suitable for individuals of different heights, ensuring everyone can find their perfect seating position. The inclusion of a built-in footrest elevates the level of relaxation by offering a place to rest weary feet after long hours at work or during moments of contemplation. This thoughtful addition not only enhances overall comfort but also helps improve blood circulation while reducing pressure on leg muscles. With its sleek design and quality materials, such as high-quality mesh upholstery and sturdy base, this luxury ergonomic office chair exudes sophistication. It is truly an embodiment of modern luxury combined with intelligent design choices aimed at maximizing productivity and minimizing discomfort during extended periods spent sitting down.


ergonomic chair with footrest offers several advantages


1. Ergonomic: The Fly design executive office chair is a perfect choice for long hours of working and gaming. Featuring a dynamic self-adaptive lumbar support, it follows your body's movement for optimal comfort and reduced back pain.


2. Improved Posture: The footrest office chair allows users to rest their feet at a comfortable angle, further promoting good sitting posture.


3. Reduced Muscle Strain: The ergonomic design of the chair, along with the footrest, helps reduce muscle strain and fatigue. Proper alignment of the spine, support for the lower back, and a comfortable footrest position contribute to less stress on the body.


4. Highly Adjustable: Adjustable chair back height, headrest and seat depth make this chair suitable for people of different body types, allowing you to find your most comfortable posture.


5. Safe and Secure: Experience a secure and dependable ergonomic seating solution. Featuring a Class 4 explosion-proof gas spring and a base rigorously tested up to 1136 kg of static pressure, this chair is built to support up to 300 lbs. with absolute stability. 

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Product Feature

The executive chair with footrest can elevate the overall experience of its users. The adjustable headrest ensures optimal neck support, preventing strain and promoting proper alignment during long hours at work. Its contoured backrest promotes healthy posture by naturally molding to the shape of the spine, reducing pressure on the lower back region. Additionally, this chair incorporates a built-in footrest that can be effortlessly extended or retracted, allowing individuals to adjust their leg position according to personal preference and providing crucial support for tired feet after a demanding day.

Executive office chair Technical Parameters



● Headrest height

● Headrest angle adjustment

● Headrest automatic flexible support

● Backrest height adjustment

● Lumbar tension support

● Backrest tilt tension /tilt angle

● 4D Armrest with height adjustment

● Arm angle/width adjustment

● Seat height adjustment

● Seat depth adjustment

● Seat slide


● Korea brand Gaslift(Samhongsa, KGS)

● Deluxe five star polished aluminum base 

● Korea Wintex advanced  breathable mesh

●65mm PU castor


The application of an ergonomic executive chair with a footrest is primarily in office and work settings where individuals spend long hours sitting at a desk or workstation.


1. Office Workstations: Ergonomic office chair with footrest is commonly used in office workstations where employees perform tasks that require extended periods of sitting and concentration. These chairs provide comfort and support to promote productivity and reduce fatigue.


2. Executive Offices: These chairs are popular choices for executive offices where individuals need a combination of comfort, style, and functionality. The footrest allows executives to relax and stretch their legs while working or taking short breaks.


3. Home Offices: With the rise of remote work and telecommuting, many individuals have set up home offices. Ergonomic executive chairs with footrests are suitable for creating a comfortable and productive workspace at home, promoting good posture and reducing discomfort.


4. Conference Rooms: Ergonomic chair with footrest can also be used in conference rooms for meetings and discussions. These chairs provide added comfort and support during lengthy meetings and presentations.


5. Creative Spaces: In creative environments such as design studios or multimedia production facilities, ergonomic executive chairs with footrests can provide a comfortable seating option for individuals involved in long hours of brainstorming, collaboration, and creative work.


6. Healthcare Facilities: In certain healthcare settings, such as patient waiting areas or administrative offices, ergonomic executive chairs with footrests can be used to create a comfortable environment for staff and visitors who may be required to spend significant time seated.

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