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What are the benefits of ergonomic chairs?

What are the benefits of ergonomic chairs?


First of all, there are several facts you may need to know instead of get straight to the benefits of the office chair ergonomic.


Not all the claimed ergonomic desk chairs are really ergonomic, some are just labeled and marketed as ergonomic desk chairs, when ergonomic chairs become popular, many manufacturers started to call any office desk chair designed for working before a desk “ergonomic”, this is not right actually.


The ergonomic desk chairs are totally different based on the design of the ergonomic chairs. Some have good design and best quality and some are not.


Ergonomic chair definition

Ergonomic desk chair, as its name implies, is based on the theory of "ergonomics" and is mainly designed for computer office workers. By collecting the data of people when using the computer, combined with the production of contemporary chairs, we can make the chairs that are most suitable for the correct sitting posture of the human body and can adjust the comfort. It is not just the function of sitting, but also allows people to enjoy comfort and health in the process of sitting.

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1. Benefits you can get from ergonomic chairs for office

Headrest: the height and angle of the headrest can be adjusted freely with ergonomic design, which can be adjusted according to different body shapes to make the neck fit more closely and help to guide the correct sitting posture.

Benefits:  Reduce fatigue.

Chair back: The whole chair back can be adjusted to the most comfortable and suitable posture to meet different people based on the human being's back curve.

Benefits: reduce most of the body weight borne by the lumbar vertebrae and reduce spine-related disease.

Seat adjustment: For people of different heights and weights, the seat depth and height can be adjusted to the appropriate position at will.
Benefits: it can guide people to sit correctly and make working more efficient and productive.


Materials: cushions and chairs are made of environmentally friendly materials,

Benefits: the material has good air permeability and heat dissipation, comfortable and healthy, which can avoid the occurrence of bacteria in the use of the chair. And can reduce the compression area of the hip and back,   avoid the strain of neck, shoulder and waist, and maintain a healthy body.

2.   With ergonomic chairs, you can get more comfort out of it than an ordinary office chair

Many ergonomic desk chairs are made of higher-quality materials. The seat pad and backrest are more fit for the human body. Some ergonomic chairs are designed with extra lumbar support. If the legs are short, lower the chair and slide the seat back forward to shorten the seat depth. You can also lift the armrest to support your elbows. The key to the comfort of the ergonomic chair is the ability to adjust almost every part of the chair to suit all shapes and sizes.


Key points for choosing a good ergonomic office chair



With headrest or without headrest, headrest can be   adjusted left and right or up and down


The back curve is fit for human spine and can be   back tilting .tilting lock or not.

lumbar support

Can be supportive or not, can be adjusted up and   down


The height , width,angle, backward forward   adjustment


The seatpad is strong and comfortable enough, and   if it can be adjusted by height,rotating.


Three or four stage gaslift, brand, BIFMA or SGS certification


five star base with glides, metal base is better   than plastic



Make sure to sit by yourself and do more study before purchasing, because everyone's body structure is different, only their own experience is the best. Feel the lumbar support,armrest, the air permeability of the material, and whether each part is adjustable or not.
Check the logo of the ergonomic chair and pay attention to the standards it claims to meet, such as ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 in the United States, EN 1335 in Europe, etc.
Pay attention to whether it is suitable for home use or office use, generally there will be instructions, if it is office use, it is more suitable for people who sit and work for a long time.

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Finally, you should follow as below:



1.    Love your chair! You spend many hours a day at the desk, so make it your best friend. Learn to adjust your chair based on your desk height and task and you will get the most support.

2.    All about you! Get a seat pan that fits your body (small, average or large) and a back that can angle to support you when working at your computer and then adjust for meetings. A chair can be customized to your desk height, so you want to make sure it can adjust as high as you need it.

3.    Sitting pretty! Ensure there is enough seat cushion for your leg length to avoid compression which can affect your circulation. ie the hard edge of the Aeron Mesh chair, chairs with flattened seat cushions past useful life or seats too deep that they hit the back crease of your knee forcing you to perch on the edge of your chair to avoid the discomfort).

4.    Does it fit? Decline, remove or get chair arms that go lower and don’t impede your ability to get close to the desk. Get a back size that has adjustable height and provides solid support for your back.

5.    The Essentials: Independent adjustments for seat height, back height, seat depth adjustment and the most important back tilt adjustment. (Not the back tilt that you can recline into a sleeping position, but the forward tilt that allows you to have back support when you’re keyboarding at your desk.)

6.    Your Comfort: The lumbar support is a great way to get back support when and where you need it. Most people enjoy a chair with a higher back. Ensure it supports your entire back when at your computer. Seat tilt adjustment is a good option to lower back tension.


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