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Office furniture maintenance skills one!

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-25

1. Fabric office furniture

Many companies will equip the reception room with certain fabric office furniture to make the customers feel intimacy. Most of the fabrics used in these fabric office furniture are soft and comfortable fabrics, which are easy to get dirty and easily damaged. During maintenance, special attention should be paid to its cleaning. For products made of imported fabrics after dustproof and antifouling treatment, they can be cleaned by simply wiping with a clean wet towel. For those products that are particularly dirty and easily damaged, they can be sent to a professional cleaning shop for cleaning to prevent deformation and prolong the service life of office furniture.

2. Glass office furniture

The electroplated sandblasted glass office furniture is mostly the coffee table, seat and other products in the staff lounge. These office furniture have a bright surface, and handprint stains are easy to see, which affects the aesthetics of the product surface coating. However, the maintenance of these products is much simpler than the above three types. Usually, you just need to avoid putting it in a sleepy setting; when cleaning, just dab it with a dry cloth and it'll be as bright as new. However, be careful not to use glass when moving.

3. Solid wood office furniture

The solid wood office furniture is mostly desks, office chairs, etc., pay more attention to cleaning, placement and movement during maintenance. Avoid sharp scratches when cleaning, and do not use a wire brush or hard brush to clean stubborn stains. Wipe with a soft cloth dampened with strong detergent. When placing, also pay attention to avoid direct sunlight on the office furniture as much as possible, because this will rapidly oxidize the paint on its surface. Also, move carefully to avoid bumping and damaging the painted surface.

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