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Why the seat cushion is so important to the ergonomic office chair?

Why the seat cushion is so important to the ergonomic office chair?


Ergonomic mesh Office chair is now a very popular item both for company office and home office .  The ergonomic office desk chairs are all claimed to be ergonomic designed but the comfort experience are totally different. Especially for long hours sitting on the ergonomic chairs, you will experience different feeling .


Why the ergonomic mesh chairs are different in comfort? Of course, each part of the mesh ergonomic chair plays a very important part in the comfort of the chair, the seat cushion is no exception. It is a very important components for the chair

In this article i will give you explanation on the seat cusions why it is so important for the ergonomic office computer chair.


Now let take a close look.


First of all, let specify the two important functions for the seat cushions.


1. The ergonomic office chair cushion can make the pressure distribution of the weight in the raised part of the ischium and buttocks more uniform.

Even, it will not produce a sense of fatigue.

When a person is sitting in an office chair, about 75% of the body weight is surrounded by about 25 square centimeters of ischial tubercle.

if you sit for so long, it is easy to cause stress fatigue, but also lead to hip pain and numbness. 

If a soft and hard cushion is added to the cushion, the hip pressure can be greatly reduced, thus relieving fatigue and making the user more comfortable sitting on the office chair.


2. Office chair cushions can stabilize the body's sitting posture.
When designing the office chair cushion, the softness and hardness of the cushion and the physiological comfort of the cushion material should be taken into account.

Two factors, first of all, to take into account the weight distribution, choose a moderate soft and hard cushion, the office seat surface needs to have a certain degree of buffer, because it can increase the contact surface between the buttocks and the seat surface, so as to reduce the uneven pressure distribution.

However, the cushion of the office chair should be moderately soft and hard. If the cushion is too soft, the following questions will appear.

1. If a person sits on a cushion that is too soft, it is easy to make the whole body unable to get the support it should have, resulting in the feeling of unstable sitting posture.
2. If a person sits on a soft cushion, the buttocks and thighs of the human body will be deeply sunken into the seat cushion, and the whole body will be subjected to contact pressure of the seat cushion, so it is very difficult to maintain a correct sitting position and change the sitting position.

3.If the cushion is strong, it will make people's weight focus on the raised part of the ischial bone, and can not be evenly distributed, and it is also easy to cause the oppression and pain of the ischial part.

Therefore, we can draw such a conclusion: because there is an aorta under the thigh to behind the knee, it is easy to feel numb when the weight of the human body is mainly supported by ischial tubercle, the human feeling is the most comfortable.

The design of the office chair should be based on the seat tubercle as the maximum stress point, thus gradually reducing the outward pressure until the seat front edge and thigh contact pressure is the least, only in this way people will feel very comfortable sitting on the office chair!


How Do Ergonomic Seat Cushions Work?


The best ergonomic seat cushions offer support by helping you sit with better posture, while redistributing the harmful compressive forces on your pelvis. Together, these attributes of its design help mitigate the dangers of prolonged sitting. When your body experiences less compressive pressure, your blood can flow more freely.

A bonus: some of the thicker seat cushions provide a literal lift, to help prop you up in your desk chair. The best ergonomic seat cushions are also great for the car, adding comfort for long car rides, and they’re great as dining chair seat pads as well.

While it is still recommended that you get up and stand as often as you can, the best ergonomic seat cushions help make your time sitting much more comfortable, to let you focus on productivity rather than pain.



Hookay ergonomic chair seat cushion


As an pioneer ergonomic chair manufacturer in China, Hookay has accumulated rich experience in designing the really ergonomic functions.


Now we will take a close look at Hookay’s ergonomic desk chair seat cushion

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1. the seat cushion features a ergonomic curve, when seating on such curve seat cushion,the Buttocks feels a sense of wrapping which relive the fatigue after long hours of seating on. The weight can be distributed more scientifically.

2. The edge of the seat cushion have a shape of waterfall , in which is embedded  with foam at the four side of the seat, especially at the front, your knee will constantly get enough support.

3. THe seat cushion use high elastic mesh which is imported from Korea which makes your Buttocks get enough elastic and support, it is made with the cutting edge technology, provides a soft and adaptive feel,breathable conforming performance 

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