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When purchasing office furniture, how to distinguish between solid wood and veneer?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-28

There are many types of office furniture in the market, among which wooden office furniture is more popular because of its good quality and good environmental protection. But wooden office furniture is also different, divided into solid wood and veneer. While the surface of these two types of office furniture is no different, the interior is quite different. Let's follow the Hookay Chair and see how to distinguish between solid wood office furniture and veneer office furniture.

1. First of all, the popular office furniture on the market is veneer office furniture, and veneer office furniture is made of solid wood veneer, but its base material is made of wood-based panels. It is made, only its surface is made of solid wood leather, so many people will mistake it for solid wood office furniture when choosing office furniture, so we must pay attention to asking what kind of office furniture the business is making, so as to avoid our own interests are damaged.

2. There is no difference between veneer office furniture and solid wood office furniture in terms of style and shape. It also has the appearance of solid wood office furniture, but its price is much cheaper than solid wood office furniture, and you can customize it according to your needs. According to the specific requirements to choose the style and shape of office furniture, solid wood office furniture is also divided into many types, but the prices of different types are also somewhat different, and the higher the material, the more expensive it is.

3. In fact, the biggest difference between veneer office furniture and solid wood office furniture is its surface texture, because the surface texture of the same board must be consistent and clear, while veneer office furniture only has its surface There is solid wood, so the interface must be able to see the difference or the phenomenon of non-corresponding connection, so we must pay more attention to whether the surface texture is consistent when purchasing, so as to ensure that we can buy real solid wood office furniture.

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