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What standards are followed during mesh seat chair production?
Standards followed during mesh seat chair production can be categorized into four major types. The first is fundamental standards. They concern terminology, conventions, signs and symbols, etc. Next is test methods and analysis standards, which measure characteristics such as chemical composition. The third is the specification standards. They define the attributes of the product and its performance thresholds, such as suitability, health & safety, environmental protection, etc. And the last one is organization standards, which describe elements such as quality management and assurance, production management, etc.
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Guangzhou Hookay Office Furniture Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in manufacture of ergonomic executive chairs. Hookay Chairs's ergonomic home office chair series are created based on unremitting efforts. Hookay Chairs office chair wholesale adopts the highest standard for the selection of raw materials. Hookay Chairs is dedicated to research, development, design, and manufacturing of high-end ergonomic chairs , ergonomic desk chair, ergonomic office chairs,office chairs, mesh chairs , executive office chairs to global customers. The LED light of this product is generally compressed or compacted, allowing its higher adaptability. Moreover, there's no fragile inner part; this makes it resilient to cold, heat and shock. our team, the best ergonomic chair manufacturer, is specialized in ergonomic office chairs since 2010.
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