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What is the difference between an office chair and a computer chair?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-24

When buying various home and office chairs, there is a certain difference. Compared with the two, the position of the office chair is higher than that of the home, and the home has one more armrest than the office, because there is no chat time at work, no How many people will put their hands on the armrest, the office series computer chair is not practical. The seat of the home computer chair is generally deeper than that of the office, and it can be equipped with armrests. What brand of office chair is good, it is recommended to sit up and try, feel, adjust each part, all functions, according to different styles, the functions of office chairs will also be divided into several types, such as back adjustment, lift adjustment, front and rear seat adjustment Depth adjustment, headrest adjustment, etc.

Generally speaking, computer chairs have many functions, which need to be tested and experienced one by one when purchasing. Especially the sitting feeling on the butt, we must carefully experience whether it is elastic and whether there is a soft and comfortable material. And the service life of office chairs. Buying a computer chair will also vary depending on usage. For example, office chairs in conferences are often bow-shaped and have no wheels. Workspace workers generally choose small office chairs with wheels. The office reception desk generally chooses a modern, novel and fashionable office chair with a mesh style. Of course, here is a generous sofa, these office chairs are exquisite in height, inclination, and backrest width, while other non-bar computer chairs shouldn't be outrageous in height, but should also be adjustable to accommodate different heights people. The design of the backrest reclining adjustment allows employees to properly enjoy when they are tired.

When buying a computer chair, be sure to check whether the structure of the computer chair is reasonable, because it will affect the service life of the chair and potential problems in future maintenance to prevent future computer chair problems. Too much effort and money is spent on chair maintenance. The quality of computer chairs not only depends on the choice of materials, even if there are some materials, the price of computer chairs is very high, and without strict structure, high-quality computer chairs cannot be made.

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