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Top 10 ergonomic chairs 2021

Top 10 ergonomic chairs 2021


In modern life, more and more people sitting in the office chair for long hours. You have to stay on your office desk chair for at least 8 hours or more a day. Cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, obesity and other diseases are caused by sitting for a long time. So more and more people begin to understand the importance of ergonomic office chair and pay attention to the brands and functions of an ergonomic chair. The products with a good reputation are undoubtedly favored by consumers first, but many people are still confusing. Now we list the 10 best ergonomic chairs brands coming out of China, which is a reference for consumers who want to buy ergonomic mesh chairs.

TOP 1: Herman Miller Aeron series ergonomic mesh chair.

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Reason for recommendation: it has been selling well for more than 20 years, and it has sold more than 7 million pieces.

Aeron ergonomic chair is known as "the most healthy and comfortable ergonomic chair in the mankind history". It has been selling well for more than 20 years since it was launched in 1994, it has been sold for more than 7 million pieces. Because of its unshakable position in the history of ergonomic chairs, Aeron has been listed as a permanent collection by the American Museum of Modern Art and has appeared in many famous movies and TV dramas. Now the Aeron ergonomic office chair has been newly upgraded with stronger and lighter materials with better adjustment performance and more control function, which upgrade the comfort to a new level.

Top2: Okamura Contessa series ergonomic chairs.

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Reason for recommendation: Ferrari like an ergonomic chair, exquisite countess

Okamura Contessa ergonomic chair was launched in 2002, designed by Giorgiaro (the leading designer of the world-famous Alfa Romeo Canguro car). Contessa has three main features, that is: exquisite with headrest, easy to use, and have three different hardness. Now the second generation Contessa has also been launched, the back and seat curve has been changed, more suitable for the back of the human body, better comfort.

The seat for Contessa (which is also available with pure mesh ) has one more option comparing with Aeron and is much easier to operate than the Aeron.

Top3: Herman Miller Embody series ergonomic chair.

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Reason for recommendation: ultra-modern sci-fi shape, known as "the king"

Embody is a master of ergonomic design with a modern science fiction shape inspired by the structure of the human spine. The seatback can dynamically and uninterruptedly adjust the support point, reduce the pressure of the human body, accelerate blood circulation and reduce the heart rate, which is beneficial to human health. It has four supporting seats, each with unique material and manufacturing technology. When the four support layers cooperate with each other, you will feel your body shape, and then make precise adjustments. These support layers are all breathable so that you can enjoy the refreshing comfort.

Top4: Humanscale Freedom series ergonomic chair.

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 Reason for Recommendation: subvert the traditional design and refuse to adjust manually

Freedom was launched by Humanscale in 1999, it is a great revolution in the ergonomic chair industry, there is no complicated adjustment switch, but there are many key adjustments, and its convenience is incomparable. Some may argue that its comfort should be affected, but surprisingly, no.

Top5: Shikai (Steelcase) Leap series ergonomic chairs.

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Reason for recommendation: Easy to control different body shapes

The Leap series of ergonomic chairs was launched in 1999. The flexible back of the Leap ergonomic desk chair (Live back), simulates everyone's different spinal movements and adjusts accordingly, thereby reducing the pressure on the spine and lumbar. The unique two tilting adjustment of the upper and lower back of the human body requires different forms of strength support to ensure that the spine is in the natural S shape, and the Leap office chair is also equipped with a dynamic seat of a natural sliding system, which automatically slides forward with the pelvis when leaning back.

Top6: Ito (ITOKI) Spina series ergonomic chair.

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Reason for recommendation: two original designs to support the spine in all directions.

The Spina series of ergonomic desk chairs was launched in 2007. Spina means "spine". The chair, as its name, is close to the spine in all directions, combining Japanese ingenuity and innovative spirit, creating a new generation of the office chairs. Two original designs-"P.S.S" and "A.L.S" which coordinate and act together, no matter what posture the user changes, it can automatically respond, hold the waist and pelvis tightly, and give comfortable support. When seated, the seat slides backward with the force of the body, and the back of the chair tilts forward, close to the waist. When the human body leaves the seat, the cushion will move forward slightly to help you get up easily.

Top7: The X4 Leather Executive Chair

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Reason for recommendation:

The X4 Leather Executive Chair by X-Chair is an office chair designed to catch the eyes of your officemates. It is designed for the ergonomic office space featuring a plethora of adjustable features, comfortability, and styled for the modern workplace.

Features and Health Benefits: 

· Dynamic Variable Lumbar - DVL support adjusts itself to your body every time you move, keeping you comfortable all day. 

· SciFloat Infinite Recline - Our floating infinite recline technology helps your body stay in motion throughout the day, and can be adjusted to match your specific bodyweight so that movement is effortless. Experience improved circulation, concentration, and energy levels.

· 4-Dimensional Armrests - No one keeps their arms in the same position all day. X-Chair is ready to move with you. Easily adjust the armrest height, depth, width, and angle as you move throughout the day.

· Adjustable Backrest Height - Adjust X-Chair's backrest height so that you're fully supported, from your lumbar curve to your neck. This ensures you get maximum support when you need it most.

· Extensive Variable Recline - This can be adjusted to users of any size for effortless use. When properly adjusted you'll notice your concentration, energy, and production increase.  


Top8: Steelcase Gesture series ergonomic chairs.

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Reason for recommendation: to promote efficient interaction between people and technology, in order to meet the needs of the human body.
The Gesture series of an ergonomic chair, was launched in 2014, it focuses on protecting "sitting posture changed by mobile devices" and is designed to make upper limb support and seat interface more suitable for people to use mobile devices based on ergonomics. According to officials' introduction, they have interviewed and observed over 2000 people’s sitting posture during the development of the chair. On the basis of this research, through the imitation of human motion, the design of the Gesture chair is just like the human body, with a series of synchronous interfaces, and the human body and the seat can be connected seamlessly.

Top9: Harworth  Zody series ergonomic chairs.

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Reason for recommendation: unique asymmetrical lumbar support adjustment to relieve pressure on the spine.
The Zody ergonomic chair under Hayward can provide asymmetrical lumbar adjustment, which can sense the different forces on the user's back and adjust the support on both sides of the lower back (lumbar vertebrae and pelvis). Not only that, its forward tilt, backward locking, and the tightness of the back of the chair can be adjusted according to personal preferences. It is also an example of fine manual adjustment of ergonomic office chairs.
Sitting experience: the seatback has a strong sense of fit, especially at the waist. whether you are short or tall, fat or thin, can get enough support. There are a number of adjustment functions, which can be more personal preferences for different adjustments.

Top10:Humanscale different World series ergonomic mesh chairs.

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Reason for recommendation: sit like air which is specifically tailor-made for women

The different world features an innovative three-board mesh back that provides back and waist support while maintaining a lightweight design. Like all Humanscale products, it is simple, beautiful, and functional. In addition to the armrest, this seat has only two manually adjustable places, one is the seat depth adjustment, the other is the seat height adjustment, and then there is no mechanical device as a whole, ultra-lightweight and minimalist combination of parts, which means that Different World uses fewer raw materials and process steps than other high-performance office chairs.


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