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Everything you need to know about Ergonomic office chair.

Everything you need to know about Ergonomic office chair.


What is the main component of an ergonomic office chair, let take a look.

1. Castor for the ergonomic desk chair

There are ordinary castors and PU castors (soft materials are better suitable for the wood floor). Generally speaking, there is no big problem for the castor of the ergonomic office chair, just pay attention to check if the pulley is silent when rolling, whether there is big friction with the floor, due to the frequent use of casters, large friction with the floor is easy to damage the floor. Smooth and silent casters will give people a sense of high quality.

2. Ergonomic desk chair base: five-star base

Five-star base is often called five claws, because it is similar to claws, the five claws are mainly made of plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum alloy, Quality level is nylon < stainless steel < aluminum alloy.

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3. Ergonomic mesh chair gaslift

The gaslift for the ergonomic office chair should be the most concerned issue for your guys, which is used to adjust the height and revolving of the chair, and gaslift is filled with high-pressure gas. In fact, the safety of the ergonomic office chair itself mainly lies in two point, one is the gaslift, the other is the mechanism. We can see that there are some English marks, SGS, LANT, BIFM etc. What do these letters mean? Yes, these are the certified marks of the gaslift.

SGS is an old third-party certification organization, the largest and oldest technical certification company in the world,it is a very authoritative certification body in the world. SGS is internationally recognized as a professional, quality and honest organization. In other words, the gaslift with SGS certification mark is in line with the international quality standards, then the gaslift is qualified, basically there will be no problems.

In addition to SGS certification, there is also a more common certification is BIFMA certification, which is a non-profit certification organization in the United States, its full name is Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (American Furniture Association), which is a standard used to measure the quality of furniture in the United States. Furniture from other countries must first pass BIFMA certification if they want to enter the United States, mainly to examine the stability, strength and fatigue of furniture. Due to the perfect content of BIFMA certification and strict certification requirements, it has also been widely recognized by the international community.

So what's the use of so many certifications? In fact, every extra certification on the ergonomic computer chair is nothing more than providing a guarantee for the safety of the chair. It can be understood that the more certification, the better the product quality, but the price is also more expensive. Basically, SGS certification is enough, but if you are too heavy, it is recommended to consider the certification level of the gaslift and other certification standards.

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4.Ergonomic desk chair Mechanism:

Located underneath the seat of an office chair is the chair mechanism. This is a mechanical component that enables you to make specific adjustments to the seat and backrest of the chair, like the seat height and angle of the backrest. The mechanism allows you to personalize your seat position for optimal comfort and support. There are different categories mechanism. For example, Swivel only mechanism, Swivel & Tilt Office Chair Mechanism, Frontal Pivot Mechanism, Synchronous (Synchro) Mechanism,Synchronous Frontal Pivot Office Chair Mechanism, Free-Float Mechanism.

As for the material for the mechanism, How to tell the good from the bad? I will tell you the answer directly here: ordinary plastic < iron <  < aluminum alloy. Generally, middle-priced ergonomic computer chairs are made of steel or stainless steel mechanism, the mechanism made of aluminum is with much high quality.

5.Ergonomic Chair seat:

Normally tt is composed of wood or plastic board, or sponge and fabric. 

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6. Armrest for the ergonomic office chair:

The height adjustment effect should be the most practical function in the armrest adjustment, and the thickness affects the quality. Some armrest can move back and forth up and down, the more dimensions of movement, the stronger the ability to adapt, and the better the effect of effective support.

7. Ergonomic desk chair seat connection:

The seat and the back of the chair are connected by steel pipe or steel plate.

8. Materials for the back and seat of the ergonomic chair:

The ergonomic office chair has the most contact with the human body in two places, one is its cushion, the other is its back, the material of the chair is also basically reflected in these two parts, the fabric is mainly to reflect breathability, and then the softness and resilience of the cushion also directly determine whether you sit comfortably or not.

So what are the types of fabric materials? More common is: cotton and linen, PU leather and mesh , basically 95% of the ergonomic computer chairs are inseparable from these three materials, then in fact, I do not recommend to buy cotton and linen material, its texture is not as good as PU leather, its air permeability is not as strong as mesh , and the appearance also gives people a cheap feeling.

Well, the seat cushion I will mainly talk about the difference between the sponge and the mesh, because the ergonomic computer chair basically will not look at the plastic, metal, or wooden cushion. The original sponge actually gives you a very soft and comfortable feeling when you sit down. In fact, its resilience is mainly reflected in that after you stop sitting, it can be well restored to its original thickness and shape. The mesh ergonomic chair actually has that kind of elasticity. You can sit on it and shake it, and you will find that the chair cushion is indeed bouncing back, and the elastic and breathable ones are actually a little better. It should be noted here that the cushion of mesh surface seems to be unfriendly to friends who are too heavy. If a friend with too much weight sits on a mesh chair, it will wear out on the elasticity and durability of the mesh surface over a long time, resulting in the loss of the original elastic sex appeal of the chair. So I suggest that friends who weigh more than 180 should directly choose sponge cushions instead of mesh cushions.


9. Lumbar support for the ergonomic office chair:

Some ergonomic chairs have independent lumbar support, some chairs do not have ,it depends on your personal specific requirement

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10.  Ergonomic desk chair headrest:

This is an optional choice, some ergonomic office chair is built with headrest some do not, see if you need them or not. People who have sat in ergonomic chairs can no longer adapt to ordinary office chairs, especially those who are sedentary. But I can only tell you that no good chair can save you from being sedentary. The ergonomic chair can alleviate the harm of sitting for a long time, but what is more important than the chair is to exercise more, control the time of sitting, stand up and walk more.

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