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The development history of office chairs

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-23

The development history of office chairs

From the beginning in the 1850s, it was a seat made of solid wood and rattan products; in the 1820s The technology of soft bag, polyester fabric, and lamination was added; in the 1950s, the prototype of modern office chairs began to appear, with the obvious separation of aluminum alloy brackets and seat backs, and obvious armrest support features. In the later period, the furniture designed by the famous furniture designer EAMES and his wife appeared with the design of all-aluminum alloy brackets. They abandoned the support of the sponge, so that the seat lost its rebound function, and added a screw-type lifting structure. The exterior is combined with an architectural design.

In the 1870s, the frame of the office chair was basically finalized, mainly including functional elements such as armrests, five-star feet, mechanism, back support, and lift adjustment. In the mid-term, the Swiss brand virta proposed the concept of independent waist support, and created the technology that the sponge can be directly foamed into the fabric itself. Since then, the technology of shaping the sponge has been applied. In the 1880s, the German company WILKHAN was the first to develop an adjustable chassis mechanism, and also proposed the concept of active separation of the seat back. At the same time, the American HermanMiller company proposed a four-point linkage chassis movement mechanism, which is also the predecessor of the chassis movement principle of the classic seat AERON CHAIR in the future; at the same time, the back also innovatively uses the design of elastic materials.

In the mid-term, HermanMiller Company proposed a new set of concepts, namely the support of the mesh seat, each seat area can be adjusted, and the mechanism characteristics were carried out on the basis of the old products. A new upgrade, abandoning the original spring mechanism and adopting a new rubber damping mechanism. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the design of office chairs has mainly focused on three points: 1. Appearance 2. Human comfort (adjustable fit for each part) 3. Chassis linkage (a new type of activity linkage).

In 2009, HermanMiller company created a chair with full frame support, which should be the most comfortable office chair in the world. The concept of rocking is proposed, and both the back and the seat cushion can be rocked independently through the chassis structure. In 2014, Steelcase launched a functional chair with full armrest adjustment shape to meet the needs of modern mobile office and mobile office.

The history and future of office chairs in my country

1. Office chairs are a larger sub-industry in the office furniture industry

From top Since the 1990s, office furniture products have developed rapidly. The products mainly include office chairs, desks, file cabinets, system furniture (such as screens, desk screen systems, accessories, etc.) and lockers. Whether at home or abroad, office chairs are always in the leading position of office furniture. The market share of office chairs in my country accounts for about 31% of the entire office furniture market.

2. Lack of innovation in product design

As more and more office workers in my country pay attention to their own health , the market demand for comfortable office chairs continues to increase, and my country's office chair industry has also developed rapidly in recent years. However, there are still many problems in my country's office chair industry. In terms of product design, my country's office chairs are still dominated by plagiarism, lack of original design, and a small proportion of high-end products.

3. Future product design will show more humanistic care

For us office workers, office chairs are important partners who accompany us through long working hours , a comfortable office chair can give us physical and psychological comfort. With the continuous popularization of ergonomics in office furniture design, the design of office chairs will also show more humanistic care in the future, which is reflected in more comfortable design scale, more diverse functions, and more beautiful products and components. more flexible.

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