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Is there any difference between the paint sprayed on the surface of the office furniture?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-06-01

Now, whether it is solid wood office furniture or leather office furniture, the surface can be painted, which can not only make the surface gloss of the office furniture more beautiful, but also make the service life of the office furniture longer. Therefore, painting office furniture has certain advantages, but there are different kinds of surface paint for office furniture in the market, let's work with Hookay Chair to understand the difference between them.

1. Paint: Paint is relatively cheap, but it has high hardness and good fullness, so it is commonly used, but there are also good and bad points, so inferior paint will have a pungent smell, which It is because the paint contains harmful substances, so you need to pay attention when choosing it, and it is flammable, so the environmental protection of the paint is poor, so everyone must pay special attention to its environmental protection requirements when choosing office furniture with paint, so as not to cause harm to yourself. .

2. Water-based paint: Water-based paint and water are related in name. It is a water-based paint, so it does not contain harmful substances. Therefore, office furniture using water-based paint is relatively safe and environmentally friendly, but the price is relatively expensive. Because of its high manufacturing cost, the price of office furniture is also high. This is why the price of office furniture on the market is different under the same style and material. So what do people use when choosing office furniture?

3. Wood wax oil: The use of the above two paints can make office furniture more beautiful and textured, and the use of wood wax oil can make office furniture properly maintained and moisturized. Because wood wax oil is a raw material extracted from plants, the environmental protection of office furniture using wood wax oil is also good, but the price of office furniture with good environmental protection is relatively high, but it is worth it, so everyone can pay more attention to this when purchasing. a little.

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