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How to ensure the safe use of lift office chairs?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-26

Air pressure chair lifts are very common in everyone's daily work and life. Because of their huge lethality, some netizens call the lift chair 'the new murderous artifact'. Issues that few people care about. So let's take a look at what safety hazards exist in the chair lift? How to effectively avoid it?

One: Tips for judging the safety of lift chairs

1. Look at the logo

The lift chairs of qualified products have the national certification mark.

2. Appearance

When producing air pressure chairs, regular manufacturers usually install a protective steel plate at the connection between the air pressure rod and the seat surface to ensure safety.

3. Listen to the sound

Tap the air pressure rod with a metal object. If the sound is clear and crisp, it means that the quality of the lift chair is relatively high; Slightly poor quality.

Two: How to use the office chair lift correctly?

1. Don't adjust and rotate the lift frequently

Many people are sitting on the lift When it is used, it likes to move back and forth, or rise and fall repeatedly, which will easily cause uneven pressure on the air pressure rod. Over time, the air pressure rod will wear out due to the unbalanced force, resulting in an explosion hazard. Don't sit on the edge of the front end of the chair too often to avoid the chair being damaged by twisting force.

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