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How to choose an office chair?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-22

For office workers, sitting for a long time is very harmful to the body and may lead to various health problems. Although everyone knows about this problem, everyone is still very helpless, because after all, they have to earn money to support their families. Since long-term sitting is inevitable, choose a better office chair to make sitting for a long time less painful.

First of all, since you want to be with you for a long time, you must sit comfortably.

In fact, if you want to sit comfortably, I highly recommend trying out an ergonomic office chair. Maybe many people already know. Ergonomic office chairs are specially designed for sedentary people. While sitting in an office isn't terribly tiring for a manual worker, the effects of this static fatigue can still be significant if you've been sitting uncomfortable. Make money to live more comfortably with an office chair with yourself for so long, or spend more time choosing the right office chair.

One, look at the headrest.

Generally, ergonomic office chairs have a headrest because it makes it easier for us to nap. Companies usually have time for employees to take a midday break to ensure afternoon work energy. Without a headrest, you can only sleep on your stomach, but sleeping on your stomach not only affects the respiratory system, but also the facial contours. Especially for some girls who wear makeup, they can only put up with not sleeping, otherwise. So, the benefit of the headrest is here. Get a good night’s sleep in the afternoon and be energized in the afternoon.

Two, look at the cushion.

The general cushion is a sponge cushion, but in recent years, the cushion material has developed to mesh, because the sponge will be very stuffy to sit on, especially in summer. Breathability is much better if the pads are mesh, and in winter, pads can be added according to individual needs. Look at the backrest. Because a person's back cannot be straight, the correct sitting posture should have an arc. The backrest is S-shaped, which can support the waist and will not be tired after sitting for a long time.

Fourth, look at the handrail.

Ergonomic office chairs have armrests, but some armrests can be raised or lowered or otherwise adjusted, and some cannot. See if you feel comfortable when you put your hands on the armrests.

Five, look at the pressure bar.

The quality of the pressure rod should be very important and must have safety certification. Because the explosion of the office chair has happened before, most of it is because the quality of the pressure rod is not up to standard, which will cause harm to the user. While it may not explode without security certification, I personally take security very seriously.

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