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Ergonomic Office Chairs vs. Saddle Chairs: Which is Better for Neck Support?

by:Hookay Chair     2023-08-27

Ergonomic Office Chairs vs. Saddle Chairs: Which is Better for Neck Support?


In today's modern workplaces, ensuring the well-being of employees has become a top priority. One crucial aspect of office ergonomics is providing adequate support for the neck to prevent discomfort and potential long-term health issues. With numerous options available, it's essential to examine the benefits of two popular choices: ergonomic office chairs and saddle chairs. In this article, we will delve into the features, advantages, and drawbacks of both options to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Neck Support:

Before we begin our comparison, let's comprehend why neck support matters. Long hours spent seated at a desk can strain the neck muscles and lead to stiffness, pain, and even chronic conditions. Proper neck support ensures that the natural curvature of the spine remains intact, reducing strain and promoting good posture.

1. Ergonomic Office Chairs:

Ergonomic office chairs have gained significant popularity in contemporary workplaces. These chairs are designed to promote comfort and provide optimal support throughout the workday. Let's explore their features and assess their impact on neck support.

1.1 Adjustability:

One of the key advantages of ergonomic office chairs is their high level of adjustability. They typically offer customizable height, backrest tilt, and armrest positions. This adaptability allows users to find the most suitable position to support their neck and back. With multiple settings to choose from, individuals can personalize their experience and reduce strain on their neck muscles.

1.2 Lumbar Support:

Good neck support often starts with effective lumbar support. Ergonomic office chairs are engineered with a focus on maintaining the natural curve of the spine. They incorporate adjustable lumbar support features that provide optimal alignment and alleviate pressure on the neck. This comprehensive approach fosters a healthier posture and reduces the risk of developing neck discomfort.

1.3 Headrests:

Many ergonomic office chairs also come with headrests, specially designed to support the neck and relieve strain. These headrests are adjustable and provide an ideal resting place for the head during breaks or when engaged in activities that require minimal neck movement. By offering targeted support to the neck, headrests become an essential feature for those seeking optimum neck comfort.

2. Saddle Chairs:

Contrary to ergonomic office chairs, saddle chairs offer a unique alternative for individuals seeking a different posture and improved neck support. Originating from the equestrian world, saddle chairs aim to mimic the straddle position of horseback riding. Explore the key features and evaluate the impact on neck support.

2.1 Open Hip Angle:

Saddle chairs feature an open hip angle, which results in a wider spread between the thighs compared to traditional seating. This design variation allows for a more natural S-shaped spine curvature, which can consequently reduce strain on the neck. By encouraging a healthier posture, saddle chairs indirectly promote neck support.

2.2 Pelvic Tilt:

The design of saddle chairs encourages a slight anterior pelvic tilt, shifting the hips forward and improving spinal alignment. This adjustment further contributes to reducing neck strain since an aligned posture helps maintain the natural curvature of the spine. By supporting healthy posture, saddle chairs aid in minimizing neck discomfort.

2.3 Active Sitting:

One distinctive aspect of saddle chairs is their ability to promote active sitting. Unlike traditional chairs that often encourage passive sitting, saddle chairs engage core muscles, forcing the user to balance themselves. This active engagement helps improve muscle strength and flexibility, directly impacting the neck muscles. By strengthening the support muscles, users may experience reduced neck strain over time.

3. Comparing Ergonomic Office Chairs and Saddle Chairs:

Now that we have explored the individual features of both ergonomic office chairs and saddle chairs, let's evaluate their effectiveness for neck support by comparing them head-to-head.

3.1 Customizability:

Ergonomic office chairs offer a higher level of adjustability compared to saddle chairs. With customizable height, armrests, and backrests, they provide users with the ability to fine-tune their sitting experience, ensuring optimal neck support. On the other hand, saddle chairs lack the same range of adjustable features, limiting the extent to which users can tailor neck support.

3.2 Impact on Spinal Curvature:

While both options strive to maintain the natural curvature of the spine, ergonomic office chairs have a slight edge in this aspect. With their advanced lumbar support mechanisms and customizable backrests, they offer users a more comprehensive solution for aligning the spine and reducing neck strain.

3.3 Muscle Engagement:

Saddle chairs promote active sitting and engage core muscles more effectively. This increased muscle engagement plays a crucial role in providing continuous support to the neck by improving overall body posture. Ergonomic office chairs, while offering excellent lumbar support, may not actively engage muscles to the same extent as saddle chairs.


When it comes to neck support, both ergonomic office chairs and saddle chairs offer distinct advantages. Ergonomic office chairs excel in customizability, lumbar support, and headrest functionality. On the other hand, saddle chairs provide better spine alignment through an open hip angle, pelvic tilt, and active sitting. To determine the better choice, it is crucial to consider individual preferences and the specific needs of users. Ultimately, investing in office furniture that prioritizes neck support will go a long way in enhancing employee productivity, health, and overall well-being.

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