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Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support

Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support


If you are landing on this page, you are either an ergonomic office furniture dealer, importer, distributor, brand manufacturer, or an ergonomic chair related business professional, such as purchasing, procurement, supply chain in the office furniture industry, am I right? If you are looking for ergonomic chair with lumbar support, here is the right place.


As we may know, now we are in an era of information explosion, when you are sourcing on the internet for some manufacturer’s websites to make some analysis for your purchasing, there are full of different information for you to distinguish on the internet, but the information is quite scattered and fragmented, if there are some information blogs about all the detailed and comprehensive information about the ergonomic chair you are interested in, that would be absolutely helpful for you to understand more and make a decision.


Bearing this purpose in mind, we write a blog on the top-selling chair from Hookay. Its name is called Sail. This article may have all the introduction and information about the Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support. After reading this article, you will understand why it is popular.


 Do not miss it. Here we go.




1. Sail ergonomic chair overall introduction

2. Background

3. Feature

4. Adaptability

5. Assembly

6. Construction quality

7. Detailed picture display


1. Sail ergonomic chair overall introduction

Sail range is Hookay seating’s best selling ergonomic chair with lumbar support, with a globally monthly sales volume 10000 units. It has been sold to many different countries and districts globally, for example, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Russia, Europe, etc. Especially in the USA, the chair is a famous brand after several years of branding by clients, it is considered to be equivalent of Hemmer Miller in US in terms of a back pain-relieving but with a cheaper price. That is to say, This chair has a very high rating in the hearts of American consumers.


It has won the product design golden prize in 2013 in the China Furniture design award, and it become a Top-selling item in the ergonomic chair industry ever since it was born which strikes clients' eyes from domestic and international markets.


Sail ergonomic executive chair compromises art and technology together, since Sail was brought out by Hookay’s designer to the market with its elegant back curve and separate lumbar design, it become Hookay's most popular ergonomic office chair, it is designed perfectly for those who need to seat in office for a long time, and the best selection for a decent home office setting. When you settle into Sail, you know you are cradled by one of the best ergonomic office chairs of all time.


Dynamic separated lumbar: Sail back adopts the curve of the human spine, creative and separated lumbar supporting, all the pressure is concentrated on the lumbar back, deliver constantly supporting to back, releasing fatigue after long time seating.

 ergonomic chair with lumbar support


2. Background

At the end of the last century and the beginning of this century, ergonomic chair in China market was not as popular as nowadays you see. There are only a few middle and high ergonomic chairs manufacturers in China, Hookay office furniture is one of the pioneers, not the first one but definitely is one of the earliest.

At that time, the international famous brands such as Heller Miller’s ergonomic chairs are all with one piece single back. When the ergonomic chair concept come to China, the designers in China are designing the chairs based on the Chinese market and working habits. As you may know, Chinese people are working more extra hours a week than the West and US. Most of them work six days a week and 10 hours a day. Normally, the West and US workers are working 40 hours a week, but most Chinese people work 60 hours a week or more.


Based on such circumstances, the designers from Hookay are engaging in designing a different and innovative Chair for the long hour seating group of people for China market. They focus more on the lumbar support.

Then Sail ergonomic chair comes out with a twin back design with dynamic lumbar support. Compared with the international brand, this is absolutely a brave innovation which is a product that conforms to the times.


The back supporting has different supports, upper back supporting and low back supporting. The back can get different and correct support from the twin back design. With the inception of the Sail chair, it quickly becomes a hot-selling and classic ergonomic chair with lumbar support.


 news-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-Hookay Chair-img-1



3. Feature


1)Dynamic separated low back supporting system

Dynamic separated low back supporting system is Sail's greatest ergonomic feat of all & one that needs no adjusting at all. Dynamic separated low back supporting intuitively adjusts itself to your body every time you move or make a motion. Responding to your weight, height, position, and the amount of pressure you place on it, the Dynamic low back supporting pivots with you, keeping you comfortable and supported even as you change positions throughout the whole day.


Now the cutting edge technology for the low back is copied by some other manufacturers but never be the same. When you seat on the chair, your low back get customized support for you .Be free to keep your mind on your work, not your back.

 news-Hookay Chair-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-img-1


2) Premium Material



Sail use imported Wintex brand mesh which disperse weight evenly across the chair to reduce pressure points. This advanced materials improve circulation and enhance support so you can sit comfortably all day. It is breathable and durable as well.


High end Sychro-tilt Aluminum mechanism:

Sail uses high-end Self developed sychro-tilt mechanism, which is a new innovative double spring wire control mechanism that got national patent in 2010. As for the appearance, it is made with a polished aluminum frame, the detailing of the aluminum which is abrasion resistant and rustproff at the surface is constantly delivering a concept of high quality and strength.


As for the function, due to its excellent design and structure, the back recline could adjust 4 levels with the biggest tilting anger 128 degree. Back reclines at a 2-to-1 ration to seat angle. Allows user to recline while keeping seat cushion relatively level to floor while the user enjoys a relaxed position. With such high end aluminum mechanism, Sail chair stand out as an executive ergonomic chair for those who are pursuing a high quality and comfortable chairs.


3) Plenty of Ergonomic adjustments:

As a hot selling ergonomic chair, Sail has all the necessary ergonomic adjustments as a professional ergonomic chair should be. Let's see below ergonomic adjustments.  


Height-Adjustable Backrest:

Sail’s independently adjustable backrest lets your raise the dynamic lumbar support to fit the curve of your back. Bring the dynamic  lumbar support to a comfortable position and relax while it supports the natural shape of your spine


Adjustable Seat Height:

Sail chair has a seat height adjustment system, user can adjust the seat height easily so your feet rest flat on the ground and your knees are at a 90⁰ angle


Adjustable Seat Depth:

For a good ergonomic chair, adjustable seat depth can not be ignored.


At a proper seat depth, your lower back should be against the dynamic lumbar support and you should be able to fit 2 to 3 fingers between the edge of your seat and the backs of your knees. An improper seat depth puts undue pressure on the veins and lymph nodes behind your knee, and often leads to poor circulation, leg cramps, or your legs falling asleep.


SciFloat Infinite Recline:

SciFloat Infinite Recline facilitates motion throughout your day. Movement increases circulation, concentration, and energy levels & everything you need to boost both comfort and productivity in your workspace. Wheels are no longer the only thing a good office chair needs to keep you moving


Adjustable Headrest Height:

People are built with different proportions, and Sail chair’s designer keep this in mind  In addition to adjustable seat height and backrest height, Sail's headrest is height adjustable, so no matter your proportions you get to adjust the whole chair to fit you like a glove.


Adjustable Headrest Angle:

Your head and neck do not stay in the same place all day, so neither should your headrest. Easily adjust the angle of Sail's headrest to find comfort no matter what position you want to sit in.


Tilt Tension & Tilt Lock:

With sail chair, you can adjust the tilt tension to change the amount of resistance you feel as you recline. Whether you like a little or a lot of resistance, Sail chair got you covered. Lock the chair in a reclined position for those times you need to put your feet up.


4-Dimensional Arms:

4-Dimensional armrests adjust forward and back, side-to-side, up and down, and pivot to an angle. No one keeps their arms in the same position all day, and Sail is ready to move with you


4. Adaptability

When we are talking about adaptability, we are talking about who is suitable for this chair. As everybody is different in size and height.

As we may know, some chairs is suitable for some specified group of people. For example, some chairs are designed for big and tall people, some ergonomic office chairs are designed for women or feminine people,etc.

As for Adaptability for Sail ergonomic chair, we could say it has much more cope of adaptability than other chairs. Now let me specify who are more suitable for this office chair.


1) For those who do not know how to choose an ergonomic chair.(Patients with difficulty in selection)

No matter you are tall or short, fat or slim, this chair is suitable. It is not picky. It is a chair which you will not make mistake in choosing. If you are confusing which one to buy, or you are Patients with difficulty in the selection,this chair is a good choice.  As it always suit everybody.


2) For those who need a chair for long hour seating

As mentioned at above, the Sail chair is built with a dynamic low back support and a spacious upper back support, your back is supported correctly at any posture which can make you more comfortable after long hour seating, it is suitable for those group of person who seat for extended long hours. It can completely liberate the back fatigue. Especially the low back support, you will feel the lumbar support continuously getting supporting. Look like massage on the back when you lean back.

3) Suitable for those who have back pain suffering

If you are suffering the back pain, this Sail ergonomic office chair may be good choice for you. This is a work chair for back pain sufferer, After using for a period of time, your back pain may relive a little bit.  It is considered to be a best back support office chair in some consumer’s heart. It is tested by the ordering quantity from the domestic and overseas clients, each month, 10000 units have been sold. It is also a hot selling items on Amazon, and it is also  hot selling  in big retailing giant such as  Costco or Canadian Tire


4) For home office setting

For home office equipment and setting, Sail ergonomic chair with lumbar support is a good choice due to its comfort and back pain reliving feature.  



5. Sail chair’s Assembly

Assembling Sail chair is fairly quick and easy. It took a total of 10 minutes to put the chair together with only a few screws on the bottom of the chair, and a few more to fasten the optional headrest and armrest. Sail ergonomic chair with lumbar support provides an easy to follow instruction manual, complete with images and clear directions on what goes where.


6. Construction Quality

Sail ergonomic office chair has excellent craftsmanship and quality. The material is clearly high-quality with a nice sheen to it. It looks sleek and modern, especially with the additional head rest option. It works by using a counterbalance system that allows you to easily move from place to place without getting up from your chair or exerting any unnecessary force. As we mentioned earlier, the chair is heavy. Much of the weight is due to the seat and back rest. Both are made with quality materials that provide a comfortable and sturdy experience.

 7. Detailed picture display

news-Hookay Chair-img-1

news-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-Hookay Chair-img-2

news-Hookay Chair-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-img-2

news-Hookay Chair-img-2

news-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-Hookay Chair-img-3

news-Hookay Chair-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-img-3

news-Hookay Chair-img-3

news-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-Hookay Chair-img-4

news-Hookay Chair-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-img-4

news-Hookay Chair-img-4

news-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-Hookay Chair-img-5

news-Hookay Chair-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-img-5

news-Hookay Chair-img-5

news-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-Hookay Chair-img-6

news-Hookay Chair-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-img-6

news-Hookay Chair-img-6

news-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-Hookay Chair-img-7

news-Hookay Chair-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-img-7

news-Hookay Chair-img-7

news-Comprehensive Introduction of Sail ergonomic chair with dynamic lumbar support-Hookay Chair-img-8

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