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Chinese internet influencer review about Fly ergonomic executive chair

Chinese internet influencer review about Fly ergonomic executive chair


Chinese internet influencer Dali released a video recently covering our Fly ergonomic executive chair after releasing a variety of videos covering ergonomic chairs such as the Herman Miller Aeron, harworth, Steelcase ,he has released a video about the fly chair,now let take a looking at  his review about Fly chair.


EVOLUTION is the name for  Fly ergonomic chair in the Tmall shop, which is the champion of computer chairs worth more than 3,000 yuan above in Tmall (the biggest on line shopping in China)


Hello, everyone. I am Dali.


Friends who are familiar with me must know that I am a soft touch.

When people have any demands , I am easily persuaded.

 news-Hookay Chair-Chinese internet influencer review about Fly ergonomic executive chair-img

Some time ago, we tested many ergonomic chairs. I noticed that many people left messages saying that an ergonomic chair called EVOLUTION was very popular.


If you are testing any ergonomic chair,this Evolution ergonomic chair can not be missed as it is so popular. I saw that people commented a lot about this chair, so I checked the price and found this chair cost for more than 3,000 yuan. Oh my god. Anyway, I bought it back.

 This Evolution chair, I bought the standard version. I bought it at price 2749RMB,  This ergo chair is officially claimed in their Tmall shop to be the champion of computer chairs worth more than 3,000 yuan above. Why do I buy the standard version since it  has an bigger version? It is because now there are a lot of female fans, the chairs introduced before are too large for them, which are not very friendly to girls, so we choose a standard version this time, a smaller one. Of course, I have no other intention, ah, I just want to be good to female fans from the bottom of my heart, because now it is really not easy to attract female fans by relying on external things. So, in this issue, let's see if this standard version of Evolution can meet everyone's needs or not. Don't talk too much nonsense, get ready to open the box.


OK, the ergo chair is assembled now, the workmanship is excellent. The castors are one circle larger than most of our previous ergonomic chairs reviewed, and there are only six screws for installing, and the specifications of these six screws are all the same, and you can assemble the chair with six screws just with closed eyes,very easy, I should say. But what we have to say is, the back supporting part, it is all aluminum and is very heavy, so if you install it alone, it will be a little difficult.  If some boys buy this  ergonomic chair for their girlfriends as an gift, you may  have a good chance to serve them  to go to their home to  install it for her, otherwise she will not be able to install it alone. 

 news-Hookay Chair-img

The material is similar to that of Ergohuman ergonmic chair, which is the kind of high-tech mesh, with some stickiness and a kind of glue feeling, so it may be a bit sticky.


Next, I would like to tell you about some of the basic functions of this chair, as well as this place, which may not be well understood by many people, because this is the first time you have met such design in the back. You see, that's the way ,it is equivalent to a handrail. It is a wonderful feeling for you to push your paralyzed loved ones to take a walk by the river like this. It's still very convenient to push. I'm just kidding. Its real function is to hang some clothes, and it's more appropriate for clothes to be put up.

news-Chinese internet influencer review about Fly ergonomic executive chair-Hookay Chair-img

 Let's talk about the basic functions. First of all, there is a button on both sides, the object is relatively clear, that is, one button is for the seat to be adjusted up and down. The other button is for adjustment of seat depth, and on this side is the back of the entire backrest. And then, this button should be no stranger to everyone. In HEMMER MILLER, this piece has actually been introduced to everyone. It adjusts the strength of your back when you lean back. That is, if you screw it tight, the basic movement will be more difficult, so to this extent, the function is basically similar to that of the HEMMER MILLER. The armrest, uh, the white armrest front is quite exquisite, it could be adjusted left and right, front and back, up and down. The armrest is directly operated by hands. When it is pulled up, it has four to five levels. Anyway, when it reaches the top and release it, it can be directly restored to the lowest level. At first I thought it was broken. in fact, it just couldn't pull it to the top directly.  You need to pay attention to it when using it. Then I would like to focus on telling everyone that this piece of backrest, this piece adopted a structural design of one, two, three blocks, and then this piece looks more flexible, ah, and then the whole backrest, uh, can be adjusted up and down. You see, the adjustment is very similar to the armrest i just mentioned. When you set it to the highest level, once you release it here, he will go back to the lowest point, In addition, the headrest can be adjusted up and down, the angle can also be adjusted, and from the point of view of functional adjustment, the adjustment is very complete. Its fabric, uh, is slightly soft, and the middle is not so hard, so when you sit on it, or after you lie on it, it will be a little more flexible. As for this color, some friends still can't accept it. At first, it feels a bit like a snake color. Now the whole chair functions have been all introduced already. Next, Let ask different height of guys to test this chair. What's the difference reviewing of this chair between different people?

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Now I would like to share with you the reviewing of  EVOLUTION chair.



 First of all, lady with 1600mm height



First of all, we can see that when she is sitting on this chair, the size is slightly larger for her,  the seat can be adjusted back and forth,  now she adjusts the position a little closer to the front, and the seat depth is relatively long and she said that it is comfortable.

 news-Hookay Chair-img-1

 There will be a small problem about the backrest, that is, because the backrest is such a design with three parts, and there is a trench in the middle, and this piece has a big Radian, so when she is leaning on, if she wants to stick her back to the middle position, she needs to work very hard to stick back, in the process of pasting, but she herself, her body is relatively petite, so these two sides will turn her shape into this shape, and you can see that these two shoulders will move forward. So, this piece is not very comfortable, but if you don't lean back,  the middle piece is empty, so it doesn't feel particularly good to say this, so for many girls, it doesn't work as well as you think. Then there is another point worth saying that the armrest needs to be pulled up , but there is no obvious scale mark in the process to tell you where to pull it. When we tested this chair, many friends will have a misunderstanding that there was something wrong with the armrest.

 news-Chinese internet influencer review about Fly ergonomic executive chair-Hookay Chair-img-1

In the process of leaning back, for 1600mm height girls. It will be difficult for her to rely on it,even if we turn the button to the loosest position, it still need help .In order to press it back, on this point, as far as girls are concerned, it may be noted that this piece is indeed more powerful, but in addition, the overall shape, ah, including workmanship, is  fine, especially the coat hanger, for many girls, this is very humanized and attractive. Small thing attract girls most. In addition, there is another point, that is, the whole chair. Because of the two key buttons on the left and right, one of the two buttons on the right is buttoned and the other is twisted, so in the process of operation, the cost of using and learning is relatively higher. Girls are not particularly sensitive to this thing, and the operation is not so smooth, which will certainly cause some small troubles in the process of using it. This is all  the sitting feeling from the the girl with 1600mm height




boy with 1750mm height

here are boy with 1750mm height sharing some experience.
First of all, he like the appearance of the whole chair. It looks like a high end executive chair , boss chair, or director chair, not like the one used by ordinary office worker. Of course, the price was in the high end as well. The key complaint was the armrest. This kind of one-way operation that can only be pulled up, ah, if you want to pull down, you have to pull to the end, and then loosen it, and the experience is good enough. In addition, the entire backrest part is relatively broad. At the same time, uh, the edge part is stuck to this place, that is,  unlike some chairs that may be hugged with you.  it's equivalent to getting your waist stuck together or your back stuck together, if he has a little bit of width in this place, he will get stuck in this place.  The quality is good, and the seat depth can be adjusted back and forth. I should say, This model is suitable for those with  1750mm height .

 news-Hookay Chair-Chinese internet influencer review about Fly ergonomic executive chair-img-2


boy with 1850mm height



Next, I will share with you the testing review of the boy with 1850mm height


First of all, I would like to complain about the armrest. If you are not used to such design, you will think it is a problem.If the manufacturer sees my reveiw, I would suggest them to change it for everyone, and it may be better to change it to the kind that can have a clear definition. Of course, this is only a personal opinion. The seat part is not too big for me. Although it can adjust the seat depth , it has now been adjusted to the maximum. Basically, my legs are sitting on the seat edge, and in front of him, it seems to slide forward, so I will feel that a drag on you is not so great. Of course, there is also a reason for this design. It is possible that the pressure on the legs will be slightly better, but there is always a sense of emptiness.

 news-Hookay Chair-img-2

I personally love the appearance of the whole workmanship, including the material. It's quite good, and there is the backrest part, the whole backrest is a little big for me, and I lean back in the process. I can lean back all over the backrest, but after it is full, the middle part is a little hard, because there is a groove in the middle, which happens to be on the spine. I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing or not.

You can express your own opinion, that is, there are some shortcomings in this design. If you operate it, it will be OK for me, these operations are relatively smooth for me, especially for this kind of back-leaning, ah, it is actually more comfortable to lean on, or this seat, you see? The range of forward tilting will be more obvious. I remember that several previous models were tilted in this way. The advantage is that the legs, you see, are directly off the ground, ah, so that you can sleep so leisurely, and this feeling is still quite good. In addition, the bottom of the whole seat should be a shaft, a shaft, very smooth, you see, I gently move, here after accelerated processing, up is to break under this piece, lean back, hey, you can get up. So the whole chair, in fact, apart from some of the differentiated features that vary from person to person, the biggest problem is that the armrest is not very easy to use. this is the chair that many people left a message on bilibili, but I don't know if you  understand the characteristics of this chair  or not,. I hope my content can bring you some value.







For many office furniture dealers,or ergonomic chair distributors, or ergonomic brand manufacturers, to source and find  a good ergonomic chair to expand their collection is very important to them. However, all the chairs listed in the website of the manufacturers are claimed to be ergonomic and comfortable, what is the real situation?

 In my opinion,Such video with real testing experience from the end consumers would be important to office furniture dealers,or ergonomic chair distributors, or ergonomic brand manufacturer. It would help them to understand more and make the correct situation.

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