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Are you using the office furniture correctly?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-26

Now that we've discussed the culture of helping place office furniture'>office furniture, have you noticed that we're always distracted by back cramps? Do you often soften muscles or paralyze other tired parts of your body? If you feel this way, you may be uncomfortable sitting in the wrong office chair'> office chair.

If you think sitting upright can reduce pain, the opposite is true. Sitting upright does not relieve discomfort. Instead, it just aggravates the pain. Office furniture designers and office furniture manufacturers may need to redesign their drawings to make chairs that fit all sitting positions.

According to the results of the study, Woodstock Hospital in Aberdeen found that upright and maintaining correct posture may not be the spine, and the office home should relax. This is the opposite of recommendation. The new form of magnetic resonance imaging is often called MRI. Research has shown that an office chair that allows an angle between the thighs and torso of more than 125 degrees is an ideal good posture. I found it.

A group of researchers in Canada and Scotland say a 90-degree sitting position, or placing a cushion behind the seat, can put pressure on the spine, leading to pain, muscle stiffness or long-term Back discomfort. I found it. After obtaining the research results, Shanghai Guoheng Office Furniture conducted a standard demonstration, showing that the sitting posture of office personnel is biomechanical. Your body and the office chair form a 135-degree angle, not a 90-degree right angle. This ideal home is similar to how an astronaut would take off, but not all office furniture makers can design such an angle. So our body and office chair form 135 degrees.

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