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Are ergonomic office chairs useful?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-25

About office chairs: After the 'dilemma of the century' with thinning hair, it is quite bald that back pain also begins to depend on young people. Having a sore back at get off work and Ge You paralyzed after work is already a true portrayal of many migrant workers who were forced to introvert. The lumbar vertebrae of migrant workers leaning forward while working at their desks, or the posture of playing with mobile phones in a crooked, twisted and paralyzed manner, actually causes great damage to the lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar spine that holds grudges is likely to make you listen to the 'sweet' sound of bones, or become a plastic sister that makes your back stiff and can't bend at all.

'Comfortable' office chair sitting position actually hurts the waist

What is a good sitting position? It mainly depends on two points: one is the physiological curvature of the spine, and the other is the pressure on the intervertebral disc.

If you look closely at the human skeleton model, you will find that although the human spine is straight from the front, you can see a longitudinally elongated, small S-curve from the side, which is what we call physiological curvature.

The adult spine consists of 24 overlapping cylindrical vertebrae, as well as the sacrum and coccyx. The cartilage connection between the vertebral bodies of two adjacent vertebrae is called the intervertebral disc. The significance of the intervertebral disc is actually to make the spine have a certain degree of mobility, which shows its importance.

And those office chairs that look very 'comfortable' are actually putting a lot of pressure on your spine.

You must have had such an experience: Sitting and sitting, your body will collapse unconsciously, until your waist is completely suspended in the chair and 'stuck' in the chair, and when you touch your back, you will find that the spine has been Loss of normal physiological curvature. At this time, an abnormal pressure load will be distributed on the intervertebral disc. In the long run, it will offend it, thus affecting the mobility of the spine, the results can be imagined.

Ergonomic chairs really work

So, what is a good sitting posture? The so-called good sitting posture requires the body to maintain a normal physiological curvature of the spine, which can generate the most appropriate pressure and distribute it on the intervertebral disc between the vertebrae, and at the same time distribute an appropriate and uniform static load on the attached muscle tissue.

In simple terms, the main function of the basic ergonomic chair is to use the lumbar support to provide basic support for the waist. By balancing the force, the back presents an S-shaped curve on the back of the chair, reducing the pressure on the lumbar spine until Close to standard stance.

At the same time, it increases the angle between the seat plate and the seat back, so that the pelvis remains relatively neutral and the spine does not bend too much. In addition, the seat cushion of some ergonomic seats will also have a slightly backward angle. Due to the center of gravity, the torso will move to the back to support the back, reduce the force of the back muscles, and will not make you tired. In the case of prolonged sitting, the seat cushion can also be tilted back to prevent the hips from gradually sliding out of the seat surface, increasing stability. This will also prevent you from 'slumping' on the chair.

So pay attention, if the seat surface of your current common office furniture chair is forward tilting, remember to manually add elastic seat cushion. Otherwise, the forward-leaning seat surface will reduce body stability and increase the possibility of sliding forward.

The black technology of some ergonomic chairs also uses the laws of physics and the user's own weight to adjust. The seat automatically reclines according to the body weight and relies on a mechanical system to provide the proper recline with tension.

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