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Why Does Custom Office Furniture Take Longer Than Regular?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-06-08

Nowadays, many companies directly customize office furniture when choosing office furniture, because it can not only make the office space more comfortable, but also effectively improve the work efficiency of employees. So this is why custom office furniture is becoming more and more popular with companies. But custom office furniture often has a long delivery time, so what is the reason for this phenomenon?

First of all, because it is customized office furniture, it is different from cost-priced office furniture, that is, finished office furniture can be purchased directly after manufacturing, but its material, style and even size They cannot be purchased according to their own requirements. Customized office furniture can be customized according to their own needs, so the manufacturing cycle of customized office furniture is naturally longer, which leads to the phenomenon that the delivery time of customized office furniture is prolonged.

Secondly, because when customizing office furniture, customers and manufacturers need to communicate in detail, otherwise it will lead to differences between custom office furniture and the office furniture imagined by customers, so when customizing office furniture Many aspects need to be considered, so the preparation work before manufacturing also takes a certain amount of time. When designing custom office furniture, the overall office space layout must be considered, so as to ensure that the most suitable office furniture can be purchased.

Finally, when some customers make custom office furniture, they often need to change some requirements in the middle, which increases the time for making custom office furniture, such as constantly modifying the function of office furniture. It will have some influence on the craftsmanship of custom office furniture, thereby increasing the difficulty of manufacturing custom office furniture, and the manufacturing cycle of custom office furniture will naturally increase, which is also an important reason for extending the production cycle of custom office furniture.

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