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Why Are Ergonomic Chairs So Expensive?

Why Are Ergonomic Chairs So Expensive?


With the ravaging of the COVID-19 pandemic, working at home has become a routine operation, and there is a growing demand for home office chairs. When you begin to search online for the best ergonomic office chairs, you will find that there are a variety of ergonomic chairs on the Internet, and you will find that ergonomic chairs for office with good design and quality are very expensive, ranging from one or two hundred dollars to one or two thousand dollars for some expensive big-name ergonomic office chairs. Many consumers wonder why ergonomic chairs are so expensive. Today let's talk about why ergonomic office chairs are so expensive.

First, because it is ergonomic.

Normally the design of the ergonomic chair is unique and fashionable, it is widely used in a modern home office, entertainment Venus, cafes shops, hotels, conference rooms, which is a new type of environmental-friendly health chair. The design principle for the ergonomic office chair is to release the human being nature and to adjust itself to suit different body shape; The material applied for the ergonomic chairs is environmentally friendly material,such as mesh, it is both elastic and environment friendly, and environmentally friendly cloth + high-quality memory foam is applied to make cushions and seat backs, which is suitable for the development of the future new trend of furniture. It has good ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics, comfortable. And can reduce the compression area of the hip and back, promote the blood circulation of the hip and back, avoid neck, shoulder, and waist strain, and maintain your body in a healthy condition.

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The ergonomic chair has many features which are set apart from other ordinary office chairs.

1. Headrest:  the headrest can be adjusted in height and can be rotated, which can make the user's cervical vertebrae stick to the headrest naturally, standardize the sitting posture of the seater, It is the best position when the height of the headrest fully supports your cervical vertebra.

2. Chair back: the best support position of the waist is the third and fourth vertebrae. The height of the whole chair back can be adjusted, which can easily meet the needs of different users and reduce most of the body weight borne by the lumbar.

3. lumbar support: separate dynamic lumbar support and the rebound force is concentrated on the dynamic lumbar support, giving the user the best support. By adjusting the lumbar support, the whole lower back can be relaxed and comfortably attached to the back, relieving the fatigue for long hours of seating.

4. armrest: adjust the height and angle of the armrest to make the transition between the hand and the table more smooth

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Second, R&D cost is high for ergonomic office chairs.

Generally speaking, a good ergonomic chair requires a lot of energy and financial resources to do research and design, and many designers are engaged in designing and developing the chairs. Designers must pay special attention to details, not only to provide the best user experience but also to design an ergonomic chair which can be adapt to different body shape and to reduce the risk of orthopedic diseases, muscle pain and bone problems. Ergonomics, as its name implies, is a way to adapt the environment and objects to the best use of human beings. In this sense, greater efforts must be put into the design.

Furthermore, mold costs and testing are high.

All the parts for the brand ergonomic chairs are made by opening their own mold, and the mold is very expensive. The investment of mold is a huge amount, and the continuous adjustment and optimization of the mold also require continuous investment.

As the ergonomic chair has high requirements for safety, comfort, and durability, so the ergonomic mesh chair needs to be tested and some tests are very expensive, which further increases the cost of ergonomic chairs

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Lastly, the cost of the materials is high.

A good ergonomic chair can generally be used for eight to ten years, some even can last more than 10 years, and the materials used should be more durable. Mesh cloth, plastic parts,gas lift, screws, and other accessories all need to be durable materials, and the prices of the materials used vary from one to another.

For a chair that looks the same in appearance, the thickness of the aluminum, the strength of the plastic, the thickness and elasticity of the sponge, the lifting times of the gas lift, the elasticity of the mesh, the wear resistance and support of the casters all are different, but you can't tell the difference judging only from the appearance.

In conclusion, there is so much that goes into designing and creating a chair. So, if you are someone who likes to spend a lot of money on a chair then buy the cheapest one, however, if you want to save your money, and not waste your time going to the doctor because of your aching body then buy the more expensive one.

We know you would never skimp on the quality of care you give to ensure your family is healthy, so, why would you skimp on the quality of your chair. This too is another way to ensure the health and safety of you and your family, so even though it may seem expensive at the moment, long down the road, you will be glad you made the decision.


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