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What types of office chairs are there and how to choose office chairs

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-23

1.Office chair'>What types of office chairs are there?

Office chair generally refers to a chair that sits on the desktop, which is a style of back chair, mainly including executive chairs, conference chairs, middle-level chairs, visitor chairs, meeting chairs, training chairs, etc. According to different production materials, it is divided into PU leather office chairs, leather office chairs, mesh office chairs, cloth office chairs, plastic office chairs, etc.

According to different use groups, it is divided into work chairs, conference chairs, reception chairs, supervisor chairs, staff chairs, boss chairs, etc. According to different use occasions, there are also different types of office chairs, such as open staff offices, staff training rooms, conference rooms, libraries, laboratories and other occasions with different office chair designs.

2. How to choose the size of the office chair.

1. The depth of the office chair.

Office chairs are generally used in more formal occasions, where basic etiquette is respected, so the sitting posture should be correct, and the chair depth should not be too deep, because too deep sitting postures are easy to relax, which is impossible in this case Maintain a long-term correct sitting posture, so the need for the depth of the office chair is shallow.

2. The height of the office chair feet.

The person using the office chair must be tall or low. If an office chair with a uniform leg height is used, it is easy to cause discomfort to the user. Uncomfortable and never reduces productivity. Therefore, the legs of office chairs generally adopt an adjustable height design, which basically meets the needs of users of all heights.

3. The height of the armrest of the office chair.

Generally speaking, in the seat, many people will get used to putting their hands on the armrests. If they're used to having their hands on the armrests, they might as well choose an office chair with low or no armrests. If you prefer to rest your hands on the armrests or tuck yourself into the middle of an office chair, choose a chair with a higher armrest.

4. The height of the back of the office chair.

In the absence of armrests and backrests, you can choose a chair without armrests and a backrest, or a chair with low armrests and a low backrest. If it is a casual occasion, you can choose an office chair with a high backrest, you can focus on the backrest, and the height of the backrest can be close to the middle of the neck or head.

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