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What matters cannot be ignored when maintaining office furniture?

by:Hookay Chair     2022-06-06

Proper maintenance of office furniture can not only maintain its aesthetics, but also effectively prolong the service life of office furniture. However, many people today do not know how to properly maintain office furniture, and even the wrong maintenance method will cause some unnecessary damage to office furniture. So what matters cannot be ignored when maintaining office furniture?

1. Since office furniture is easily polluted by dust during use, dust is composed of fibers, sand and other particles, so we need to pay attention to its cleaning method. Do not use a dry cloth to directly wipe the surface of the office furniture, because the dust will rub the surface of the office furniture, which will cause some scratches on the surface of the office furniture for a long time, which will seriously affect the appearance of the office furniture.

2. When repairing office furniture, it is also forbidden to wipe office furniture with coarse cloth and old clothes. Because its material is relatively rough, there are wire buttons on the clothes, which will also scratch the office furniture. Therefore, when cleaning office furniture, it is necessary to use soft rags, such as cotton cloth, textiles, etc. It is forbidden to directly wipe office furniture with soapy water and water, because it will cause the surface of office furniture to lose luster, corrosion and mildew.

3. In order to make the office furniture more shiny, some people wax and maintain the office furniture when using it. But pay attention to the correct use of maintenance wax to avoid the loss of original luster of office furniture due to improper methods. It is best to use cleaning and care spray wax, which can not only avoid scratches, but also maintain the original luster of office furniture. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this when maintaining office furniture.

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