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What is an office chair and what are the types

by:Hookay Chair     2022-05-25

Office chairs refer to various office chairs that are equipped for convenient work in daily work and social activities. Modern office places are called office chairs, but in terms of distinguishing details, office chairs will also be good or bad. An office chair refers to a reclining chair that people sit on while working on a desktop. Office chairs are all chairs used in the office, including executive chairs, middle-level chairs, reception chairs, staff chairs, conference chairs, visitor chairs, training chairs, etc.

Classification of office chairs

From the material point of view, it can be divided into: leather office chairs, PU leather office chairs, cloth office chairs, mesh office chairs Chairs, plastic office chairs, etc.

From the perspective of the type of use, it can be divided into: boss chairs, work chairs, staff chairs, supervisor chairs, conference chairs, reception chairs, ergonomic chairs, etc.

From the perspective of use occasions, there are mainly offices, open staff offices, conference rooms, reading rooms, libraries, training classrooms, laboratories, staff dormitories, staff canteens, etc.

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